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Astana Arlans vs Raffako Hussars: Another night of 5:0 perfection 01 апреля 2015, 00:00

The Astana Arlans defeat Raffako Hussars 5:0.
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Photo © vk.com/astana_arlans Photo © vk.com/astana_arlans

The Astana Arlans have returned to the 5:0 winning streak in Shymkent. The Kazakh Wolves faced Raffako Hussars from Poland on March 14 at the Track And Field Sport Complex, Tengrinews reports.

The first fight of the night brought Kazakh debutant Zhomart Yerzhanov against Dawid Sebastian Jagodzinski in the light flyweight (-49 kg). Yerzhanov proceeded in a steady manner throughout 5 rounds landing precise punches on his opponent. Jagodzinski, too, went on with all his might, yet, it was not enough to defeat the Kazakh boxer. Yerzhanov scored his first victory against the Pole with 50:45, 50:45, 50:45.

An experienced Arlan Meirbolat Toitov faced Sylwester Grzegorz Kozlowski in the bantamweight division (-56 kg). In the first round, the Kazakh boxer knocked Kozlovski down. Taller Toitov kept his opponent at a distance; while Kozlowski ducked down to avoid the Arlan’s jabs and crosses. In the end, the Kazakh boxer defeated the Hussar with 50:44, 50:44, 50:44.

The captain of the Wolves Samat Bashenov competing in the light welterweight category (-64 kg) fought against Kazimierz Krzysztof Legowski. Bashenov clearly dominated the ring landing connecting punches at his opponent. Legowski seemed to tire by the 4th round, yet he continued jabbing at the Kazakh boxer. In the fifth round, experienced Bashenov sent Legowski to the canvas with his solid right jab. Legowski continued after the knockdown, but not for much longer. The referee announced a TKO on the 1:43 minute of the fifth round. Bashenov brought the victory to his team 3:0.

The middleweight (-75 kg) sensation Meirim Nursultanov faced Tomasz Jablonski in the fourth fight of the night. Nursultan had a successful season that far defeating all of his opponents. Jablonski proved to be a difficult opponent for Nursultanov with his aggressive boxing style. The Pole caught Nursultanov with his head punches a number of times. In turn, Nursultanov was successful in his counterattacks. The Arlan won the bout by a split decision of the judges’ 2:1.

The unyielding fighter Vasiliy Levit caped for the Kazakhstani club fought against Pawel Jakubowski of Hussars in the heavyweight division (-91 kg). He uncompromisingly dominated the ring brining Jakubowski to the canvas at least two times in a knockdown. Despite the confidence Jakubowski displayed during the press conference, the Pole could not counter Levit’s attacks. In the second round, Jakubowski’s coach threw in a towel. Levit won the final fight of the night with a TKO in the second round.

The Astana Arlans of Kazakhstan crushed Polish Raffako Hussars 5:0.

Next, the Wolves faced Baku Fires from Azerbaijan on March 21 in Shymkent, Kazakhstan.

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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