Ministry of Education and Science

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08.09.2015 15:12 Finance
Teachers’ salaries will be increased by 20-50% depending on the qualifications.
05.06.2015 00:49 Education
A young man was caught at the Unified National Testing in Kazakhstan dressed up as his girlfriend.
23.01.2015 14:58 Education
Transition to 12-year education will be postponed in Kazakhstan.
15.09.2014 23:00 Education
Kazakh anti-corruption project STOPKylmys (StopCorruption) initiated by the youth wings of Zhas Otan and Nur Otan political parties reported the results of an anonymous survey among Kazakhstani students.
25.07.2014 17:54 Education
Kazakhstan government is providing 34,165 education grants in 2014.
20.06.2014 15:08 Education
Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Education is introducing major changes into the education system.
30.04.2014 15:52 Education
Corruption in higher education institutions in Kazakhstan has grown to $100 million per year.
04.04.2014 22:49 Politics
Forming of the new Cabinet of Minister has been completed in Kazakhstan.
09.02.2014 20:21 Science, Technologies
Mayor of Almaty Akhmetzhan Yesimov has vocally disapproved of the new infectious diseases laboratory being constructed by the United States.
16.12.2013 18:24 Education
Member of the Majilis Talgat Yergaliev proposed engaging members of the Muslim clergy in teaching Religious Studies at schools.
08.12.2013 18:43 Art, Books
The Harry Potter series will be translated into Kazakh in 2014.
02.09.2013 21:26 Politics
Aslan Sarinzhipov has been appointed new Kazakhstan Minister of Education and Science.
29.06.2012 16:18 Education
Kazakhstan schools will be resupplied and reequipped to enable their transit from 11-year to 12-year eduction system.
12.03.2012 14:43 Education
Baldyrgan program will ensure 100% coverage of pre-schools aged children in Kazakhstan with pre-school education.
29.02.2012 16:02 Science, Technologies
There will be no brain exodus from Kazakhstan, Valery Mogilny, deputy chairman of Science Committee of the Ministry of Education said.
29.02.2012 14:51 Education
Almost 19% of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools pupils have received awards of different scientific projects, contests and International and National Academic Olympiads.
22.02.2012 13:49 Education
The Ministry of Education and Science is looking into shortening the school summer vacation period that currently makes three months.
30.01.2012 13:44 Science, Technologies
Scientific development is being discussed at the government level; all the research initiatives are supported.
22.11.2011 11:35 Education
The Project of Vocational Technical Education Modernization has been launched in Kazakhstan.
21.11.2011 12:12 Education
Businesses and industry work together with the Ministry of Education and Science and have signed contracts on training their personnel in vocational and technical colleges.
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