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13.04.2016 19:42 Crime
A Lithuanian national has been sentenced to 13 years in prison for spying on Moscow.
31.07.2015 17:00 Crime
Mukhtar Ablyazov’s brother-in-law Syrym Shalabayev has been arrested.
02.07.2015 11:52 Military
NATO has vowed to hold "continuous" military exercises in eastern Europe to deter Russia but has yet to respond to a request by Baltic states for a permanent brigade.
01.07.2015 10:50 Politics
Russia's Prosecutor General is reviewing the legality of the independence of the three Baltic countries from the Soviet Union.
18.06.2015 10:38 Politics
Lithuania said it has decided to resettle up to 250 Syrian refugees, migrants and asylum seekers transferred from Italy and Greece.
29.05.2015 14:09 Politics
Kazakhstan’s Prime Minister Karim Massimov and the Prime Minister of Lithuania Algirdas Butkevičius have signed a number of bilateral agreements.
29.05.2015 13:57 Politics
Kazakhstan's President Nazarbayev and the Kazakh PM Karim Massimov have held a meeting with the PM of Lithuania Algirdas Butkevičius, who came to Kazakhstan fro the VIII Astana Economic Forum.
07.04.2015 08:51 Internet
Halo franchise has made free Halo Online FPS available to Kazakhstan and other former Soviet countries.
24.02.2015 15:00 Politics
Despite pressure from sanctions and a high-level Franco-German mediation, the conflict in east Ukraine shows little sign of ending, Lithuania's foreign minister said.
11.09.2014 12:45 Markets
Lithuania and fellow Baltic states Estonia and Latvia are the countries most vulnerable to a Russian block on EU food exports.
09.07.2014 10:48 Entertainment, Style
International Circus Festival Echo of Asia was taking place in Astana, Kazakhstan from 1 to 8 July.
03.07.2014 16:18 Markets
Kazakhstan is going to launch 75 new international air routes by 2020.
11.05.2014 11:35 Politics
Lithuanians began voting Sunday to elect their president, with incumbent "Iron Lady" Dalia Grybauskaite a shoo-in as fears in the EU Baltic state soar over a resurgent Russia.
24.04.2014 11:58 Military
Four French fighter jets will join NATO air patrols over the Baltics starting on Sunday, France's chief of defense staff said Wednesday during a visit to Washington.
23.04.2014 13:50 Military
The United States is deploying about 600 troops to Poland and the Baltics to underscore its commitment to NATO allies amid tensions with Russia over the crisis in Ukraine, the Pentagon said.
06.03.2014 14:49 Sport
Kazakhstan national football team has tied the match against the Lithuanian team.
01.03.2014 12:36 Politics
The UN Security Council on Friday held a brief "private meeting" followed by consultations to discuss concerns about rapidly changing events in Ukraine.
18.12.2013 15:02 Military
Washington has joined Russia's neighbours in voicing alarm after Moscow revealed it had moved nuclear-capable Iskander missiles closer to EU borders in response to the US-led deployment of a disputed air defence shield.
30.11.2013 13:03 Politics
Though the European Union appears to have lost to Russia in the first round of an East-West tussle over winning friends and influence in eastern Europe, some analysts would disagree.
22.11.2013 17:37 Health
A professor from Lithuania has made an advanced weight loss surgery in Almaty.
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