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27.10.2016 11:18 Markets
The Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong sank 1.15 percent, or 268.81 points, to 23,056.62.
01.09.2016 13:35 Companies
Kickstarter made its Asia debut in Singapore and Hong Kong, giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to raise funding from global investors.
05.08.2016 16:02 Religion
The head of the Catholic Church in Hong Kong has said the Chinese government is willing to reach an understanding with the Vatican.
28.09.2015 16:13 Unrest
Protesters are due to gather once more in Hong Kong, a year since the start of huge pro-democracy rallies that brought parts of the city to a standstill.
18.08.2015 15:16 Unrest
Hong Kong warned its residents to avoid travel to Bangkok while other governments in Asia advised citizens to be extra vigilant, after a bomb attack in the Thai capital killed at least 20 people.
03.07.2015 16:01 Internet
The average speed of mobile Internet in Kazakhstan has increased to 10.47 megabit per second.
25.06.2015 22:41 Companies
Air Astana, the anchor airlines in Kazakhstan, has arranged for operational leasing of 7 Airbus planes from A320 neo family.
17.04.2015 15:24 Unrest
A Hong Kong pro-democracy protester apparently assaulted by police -- in a beating captured on video.
17.03.2015 16:04 Health
Hong Kong's leader Leung Chun-ying was forced to make an official statement about his daughter's health she posted a number of alarming messages on her Facebook page.
02.03.2015 11:46 Unrest
Hong Kong police arrested 33 people and fired pepper spray during clashes with demonstrators that disrupted traffic.
21.02.2015 15:06 Entertainment, Style
Carnivals and fireworks are Hong Kong's trademark Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations.
19.02.2015 01:05 Sport
Kazakhstani boxer Birzhan Zhakypov has won a Brazilian fighter Patrick Lourenco at the AIBA Pro Boxing (APG)
02.02.2015 15:04 Unrest
A disappointing turnout at Hong Kong's first democracy rally since the end of mass street demonstrations shows the city is suffering from "protest fatigue".
31.01.2015 01:33 People
A Kazakhstani volley ball player famous in Asia for hear kawaii appearance Sabina Altynbekova will be invited by the Indonesian Volleyball Federation to help revive women’s volleyball.
14.01.2015 15:07 Politics
Hong Kong leader Leung Chun-ying took a hard line on political reform in his annual address, saying there would be no deviation from Beijing's policy on elections.
13.01.2015 20:35 Sport
The V-league organizing the Volleyball Championship has invited Sabina Altynbekova, a famous kawaii from Kazakhstan, to Japan.
08.01.2015 18:48 Entertainment, Style
Sabina Altynbekova has returned from Hong Kong where the Kazakh kawaii participated in TV shows, met her fans and trained with local volleyball teams.
29.12.2014 16:39 People
Volleyball sensation form Kazakhstan Sabina Altynbekova arrived to Hong Kong to the excitement of her local fans.
29.12.2014 16:26 People
Kazakhstani volleyball player Sabina Altynbekova famous for her anime-like appearance is in Hong Kong meeting fans and local volleyball players.
25.12.2014 10:53 Unrest
Hong Kong police said they had arrested a dozen pro-democracy protesters after a night of clashes in the first sizeable rally since the last protest camp was cleared last week.
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