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Philippines stands firm in diplomatic row with Hong Kong The Philippines insisted Thursday it would not apologise for a 2010 hostage crisis in which Hong Kong tourists died, saying its response to the tragedy had been generous and compassionate.
30 января 2014
Gigi Chao, the daughter of Hong Kong property tycoon Cecil Chao Sze-tsung. ©Reuters/Bobby Yip Gay daughter of HK tycoon makes heartfelt plea to dad The lesbian daughter of a Hong Kong tycoon, who offered more than $100 million to find her a male suitor, has issued a heartfelt open letter urging him to accept her sexuality.
29 января 2014
Artists pose in front of Christmas decorations with a Disney theme, outside a shopping mall in Hong Kong. ©Reuters/Bobby Yip Battle of the Christmas decorations for Hong Kong malls In the race to extract cash from Christmas shoppers, Hong Kong's myriad shopping malls have taken to heart the maxim that you must spend money to make money when it comes to decorations this festive season.
23 декабря 2013
Hong Kong's endangered fishermen face depleted seas He comes from a proud line of fishermen, but 23-year-old Ng Ka-Ho is unsure of his future nearly one year after a ban on trawling in Hong Kong hastened the local industry's decline.
07 декабря 2013
©Reuters Hong Kong domestic workers treated as 'slaves': Amnesty Amnesty International on Thursday condemned the "slavery-like" conditions faced by thousands of Indonesian women who work in Hong Kong as domestic staff, accusing authorities of "inexcusable" inaction.
21 ноября 2013
World Bank: Singapore, Hong Kong best for business Singapore and Hong Kong rank the world's best places to run a business, while mainland China remains far down the list.
30 октября 2013
Young artists shine at Hong Kong contemporary art show With artwork sprawled on queen-sized beds, hung in front of television sets and even placed on toilet counters, Hong Kong's Asia Contemporary Art Show has an unusual take on what constitutes an art gallery.
07 октября 2013
Sotheby's sets poison pill against investor challenge Elite auction house Sotheby's on Friday adopted a poison-pill defense strategy to fend off a challenge by investor Dan Loeb's hedge fund Third Point.
06 октября 2013
25 dead as typhoon hits China, flight chaos in Hong Kong Typhoon Usagi killed at least 25 people after crashing ashore in southern China, throwing the region's transport systems into chaos and leaving tens of thousands of airline passengers stranded in Hong Kong.
23 сентября 2013
Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing. ©REUTERS/Oli Scarff/Pool Shanghai free trade zone will deal a blow to Hong Kong: Li Asia's richest man Li Ka-shing warned that Shanghai's new free trade zone will have a "big impact" on Hong Kong, urging the city to up its game to avoid losing out.
18 сентября 2013
Severe typhoon hits Hong Kong Hong Kong battened down Wednesday as Severe Typhoon Utor forced the closure of the city's financial market and schools and disrupted hundreds of flights after leaving six dead in the Philippines.
14 августа 2013
Noise and the city - Hong Kong's struggle for quiet With its pounding construction sites and constant roar of traffic, Hong Kong is a cacophony of noise with experts and residents calling on authorities to keep a lid on the din for the sake of public health.
13 июля 2013
Feng shui master Tony Chan Chun-chuen (R) and his wife Tam Miu-ching arrive at a court. ©REUTERS/Bobby Yip Hong Kong fortune teller appeals Nina Wang will conviction A former Hong Kong fortune teller has filed an appeal against his 12-year jail term for forging the will of late billionaire Nina Wang in a bid to steal her fortune.
11 июля 2013
Former feng shui practitioner Peter Chan Chun-chuen(2nd-R),formerly known as Tony Chan. ©REUTERS/Tyrone Siu Ex-fortune teller jailed for forging will in Hong Kong A Hong Kong court Friday sentenced a former fortune teller who claimed to be the lover of late billionaire Nina Wang to 12 years in jail after finding him guilty of forging her will.
05 июля 2013
China outsmarted US in Snowden chess game: experts China interceded to allow Edward Snowden's dramatic flight from Hong Kong, calculating that infuriating the United States for now was necessary to prevent deeper corrosion to their relationship.
24 июня 2013
WikiLeaks plane 'ready' to bring Snowden to Iceland A chartered private jet is ready to bring US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden to Iceland from Hong Kong.
21 июня 2013
Jackie Chan seals prints at famed Hollywood theater Hong Kong film star Jackie Chan became the first Chinese actor Thursday to have his hands and feet cast in wet cement at Hollywood's famed Chinese Theatre, alongside generations of Tinseltown icons.
07 июня 2013
©REUTERS/Bobby Yip Chinese imitators copy Hong Kong's giant duck The popularity of a giant inflatable duck afloat in Hong Kong harbour has not gone unnoticed in mainland China, where two copies have been launched in as many days.
02 июня 2013
170,000 living in subdivided flats in Hong Kong: study More than 170,000 people in Hong Kong are living in cramped subdivided flats, a government-commissioned study has found, underlining the scale of the city's housing crisis.
28 мая 2013
Hong Kong launches first electric taxis Hong Kong saw its first electric taxis hit the streets on Saturday in a step towards reducing the city's high levels of roadside pollution.
18 мая 2013

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