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18.11.2016 14:48 Environment
The first 10 months of this year have been the hottest in modern times, while last month was the third warmest October over since 1880.
01.09.2016 13:20 Science, Technologies
Life on Earth is even older than we though - fossils dating back a staggering 3.7 billion years have been discovered.
07.11.2014 16:46 Politics
Senate Speaker Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has expressed his view that democratization is a dynamic process, and therefore democracy cannot be artificially accelerated or imposed.
16.09.2014 12:08 Science, Technologies
The US space agency's program to detect and protect the Earth from incoming asteroids is poorly managed and far behind schedule.
09.09.2014 14:22 Science, Technologies
Almaty city in southern Kazakhstan should study active seismic faults to be better prepared for a new devastating earthquake that is "more likely to happen than not".
18.08.2014 10:12 Science, Technologies
Unmanned Cygnus cargo ship disintegrated as planned as it re-entered Earth's atmosphere after a month-long resupply mission.
03.06.2014 13:15 Science, Technologies
Astronomers have spotted the "Godzilla" of all Earths, a huge rocky planet orbiting a star 560 light years away that is changing scientists' understanding of the origins of the universe.
18.05.2014 14:00 Emergencies
The recent accident with the Russian Proton-M carrier rocket has not caused any damage to the environment of Kazakhstan.
16.05.2014 13:30 Science, Technologies
A Russian Proton rocket carrying a European-built satellite fell back to Earth on Friday shortly after liftoff in the latest accident to hit the country's once-proud space industry.
04.04.2014 14:32 Science, Technologies
Europe on Thursday launched the first in a constellation of hi-tech satellites designed to monitor Earth for climate change and environmental damage and help disaster relief operations.
18.03.2014 13:20 People
A corner of South Korea is in the grip of a frenzied hunt for valuable space souvenirs, following a rare meteor shower there last week.
21.02.2014 10:12 Science, Technologies
When stars explode, it's a messy business. But the massive blasts are also useful, seeding the universe with such key elements as calcium, iron and titanium.
11.02.2014 18:19 Science, Technologies
Something wiped out nearly all life on Earth more than 250 million years ago, and whatever unleashed this mass die-off acted much faster than previously thought.
10.02.2014 14:07 Science, Technologies
Australian astronomers on Sunday said they had found a star 13.6 billion years old, making it the most ancient star ever seen.
03.01.2014 14:47 Science, Technologies
More than 1,000 candidates -- from 200,000 hopefuls -- have been chosen to train for a private Mars colonisation mission to be partly funded by a reality-TV show following their training and subsequent steps, organisers said Thursday.
29.11.2013 13:00 Science, Technologies
Comet ISON appears to have flown too close to the surface of the sun Thursday and vanished as it circled the fiery surface, astronomers said.
27.11.2013 10:31 Science, Technologies
US astrophysicists are split over what will happen when the comet ISON passes near the sun Thursday, but a majority think it will break apart.
18.11.2013 11:52 Science, Technologies
Europe next week will launch a trio of hi-tech satellites to explore something that may seem utterly mundane: Earth's magnetic field.
18.11.2013 02:22 Entertainment, Style
Kumis Bazarbayeva, Miss Asiada, will represent Kazakhstan at the Miss Earth 2013 to be held on December 7 in the Philippines.
12.11.2013 14:46 Science, Technologies
India's Mars spacecraft suffered a brief engine failure Monday as scientists tried to move it into a higher orbit around Earth, but controllers denied any setback to the ambitious low-cost mission.
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