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15.03.2016 17:26 Unrest
A car bomb killed a driver travelling down a street in central Berlin on Tuesday; investigators suspected that it was a case of homicide.
20.01.2016 17:12 Cinema, Music
The Wounded Angel by Kazakh film director Emir Baigazin selected for the Official Program of the Berlin International Film Festival.
10.11.2014 17:04 Entertainment, Style
Thousands of illuminated balloons sailed into the night sky Sunday from the former route of the Berlin Wall.
07.11.2014 13:28 Laws, Initiatives
Germany kicks off celebrations Friday marking the 25th anniversary of the epochal fall of the Berlin Wall.
25.10.2014 20:05 Art, Books
A native of Kazakhstan conquers German theater stage.
11.05.2014 13:14 Military
Victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany remembered in Berlin.
17.02.2014 11:31 Cinema, Music
A top European prize for Chinese movie "Black Coal, Thin Ice" provoked curiosity and questioning Monday with the film not yet released at home and some asking whether political sensitivity might block it.
14.02.2014 16:35 Cinema, Music
Nagima embraces the poignant reality of loneliness becoming an epitome of helplessness and anguish. Issabayeva’s film engulfed the viewers at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival with its grim reality.
14.02.2014 13:42 Cinema, Music
If buildings could talk, what would they tell us?
09.02.2014 13:39 Cinema, Music
Breakout performances of kids in the crossfire of brutal adult life took centre stage at the 64th Berlin film festival Friday, set in 1970s Belfast and today's German capital.
06.02.2014 13:57 Cinema, Music
The world premiere of Wes Anderson's keenly awaited caper "The Grand Budapest Hotel" will open the 64th Berlin film festival Thursday as it joins the race for the Golden Bear top prize.
25.01.2014 10:18 Entertainment, Style
Tomatoes, veggies and herbs are sprouting from Berlin parks, a shopping mall rooftop and even a former airfield in community gardens that pioneer farmers say add green spice to urban life.
24.06.2013 12:04 Entertainment, Style
Kazakhstan-born Elena Schmidt has won the Miss MGO Berlin 2013 title.
19.06.2013 13:54 Politics
In 2008, Barack Obama wowed a euphoric 200,000-strong crowd in Berlin as the self-appointed embodiment of the power of politics to ignite change.
12.06.2013 18:49 Industry, Infrastructure
Berlin Wednesday kicks off the reconstruction of its palace, a divisive 590-million-euro ($783 million) project to recreate the baroque architectural jewel whose post-war remnants were razed by communist leaders.
18.02.2013 19:21 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstan movie Harmony Lessons won a Silver Bear for extraordinary Artistic Achievement for its cinematographer Aziz Zhambakiyev at the 63rd Berlinale.
18.02.2013 19:06 Cinema, Music
Harmony Lessons movie of Kazakhstan director Emir Baigazin has received high praise from famous trade publications and movie critics.
12.02.2013 18:19 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstan's Lessons of Harmony movie tells the story of a 13-y.o. boy bullied by his classmates into a personality disorder.
22.10.2012 14:56 Cinema, Music
Kazakhstan filmmaker Yermek Tursunov is planning to screen his new movie at Berlin Film Festival that will be held in February.
19.09.2012 12:47 Art, Books
Art patrons Christian and Karen Boros have thrown open the doors this week to their own personal World War II air raid bunker in Berlin, showing off gems from their 700-work collection.
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