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Shal movie to be screened at Berlin Film Festival 22 октября 2012, 14:56

Kazakhstan filmmaker Yermek Tursunov is planning to screen his new movie at Berlin Film Festival that will be held in February.
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"Shal" movie's poster "Shal" movie's poster
Shal (Old Man) movie directed by Yermek Tursunov will be screened at Berlin International Film Festival also known as Berlinale, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the director of the movie as saying at the press screening. Kazakhstan film director Yermek Tursunov is famous for his sensational movie Kelin that was released in 2009. At first the filmmaker planned to demonstrate his movie at the Cannes Festival, however, he failed to submit the movie for the Festival. “Now we are planning to screen the movie at Berlin International Film Festival that will be held in February. The Festival’s selectors have already watched the film. It is most likely that we will demonstrate the movie at Berlin Film Festival in the main section. No Kazakhstan movies have been screened at a Berlin Film Festival before,” the filmmaker said. When asked what the main idea of the movie was, Tursunov answered: “Shooting a movies with a talent is one thing, but watching also takes talent. This is a mutual process. It is important for me that every viewer finds something relevant to his or her own life in this movie. "With this movie I want to pay tribute to our fathers, to the previous generation. I wanted to give them a bow and say farewell. This generation is leaving now. They are our fathers, who had a tough luck with the epoch they lived in. (…) It is important for me that this film is watched, especially here in Kazakhstan. I hope that it would move someone to give a call to their fathers,” Tursunov said. Yermek Tursunov’s Shal movie was released on October 11 in Kazakhstan. The movie was finished in the beginning of 2012. 63-y.o. Yerbolat Toguzakov planed the main part in the film. Orynbek Moldakhan, Isbek Abilmazhinov, Ondassyn Bessikbassov, Yerdan Nussipakynov, Oleg Poltoratskikh took part in the movie as well. The film director said that Shal was the second movie of the trilogy that he planned to shoot in seven years. Tursunov said that his first movie Kelin stood for the past, the second one - Shal - showed the present and the third one would be called Kenzhe (“younger brother in Kazakh) and will represent the future. “Also, figuratively speaking , Kelin is mountains, Shall is steppes and Kenzhe is a city. I will follow my nation’s evolution during this time interval. (…) Kenzhe will feature a nowadays story showing what we have achieved,” Tursunov said. The new movie will be shot in Kazakhstan, Spain and Thailand. The shooting will start in February, 2013. Casting for the film is being completed and most of actors have already been selected. Kazakhstan actors will be playing the main parts in the movie. Russian actors Yekaterina Zaytseva and Mikhail Khmurov will be also involved. By Vladimir Prokopenko

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