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29.10.2013 14:40 Strange News
A Beeline representative tweeted that the Kazakhstan Interior Ministry had been activating jamming equipment in Aktau.
18.06.2013 18:53 Companies
Around 36 percent of payment terminals in Kazakhstan have stopped accepting payments for communication services provided by Beeline.
04.01.2013 14:51 Markets
Kazakhstan cellular operators gave statistics of phone calls and messages on New Year days.
27.08.2012 10:53 Companies
KaR-Tel cellular operator has been fined $1 million for setting a threshold for connection to international roaming service.
12.07.2012 13:53 Markets
Cellular rates in Kazakhstan have been halved during 2009-2012 thanks to axing of the connection fee and reduction of the interconnect rate.
19.05.2011 16:32 Markets
GSM Kazakhstan owned by KazakhTelecom will decrease the rates for on-net voice calls.