Over third Kazakhstan terminals stop accepting payments to Beeline

18 june 2013, 18:53
Over third Kazakhstan terminals stop accepting payments to Beeline - ©RIA Novosti
©RIA Novosti
Over third Kazakhstan terminals stop accepting payments to Beeline - Photo courtesy of kursiv.kz
Photo courtesy of kursiv.kz
Around 36 percent of payment terminals in Kazakhstan have stopped accepting payments for communication services provided by Beeline. This number is expected to reach 40 percent in the nearest time, Director of Unikum group of companies Beibut Assanbaev told Interfax-Kazakhstan.

According to him, the operator’s daily losses equal to 80-100 million tenge ($533-667 thousand). “In just one day, on June 16, Beeline was excluded from the list of 6,000 payment terminals all throughout Kazakhstan. Their number will keep growing every day. It is currently 6,500 terminals. The initial plan was to exclude the operator from 5 thousand terminals,” Assanbayev stressed.

The payment services were suspended for Beeline starting from June 16 in a protest against its step to lower remuneration to the payment systems. Starting from June 16, the operator cut the payments to 0.5 percent.

Earlier the payment systems allegedly received around 3 percent from the payments for Beeline communication services. 0.5 to 2.5 percent of this amount was transferred to the terminals’ owners depending on the volume of received payments. The remuneration paid by the operator made $350 to $500 thousand a month.

Later Beeline cellular operator made its own statement. According to the public relations service of KaR-Tel (Beeline brand), the information given by Assanbayev was not correct, as only less than 20 percent of the terminals stopped taking the payments from the company’s clients. The company added that the percentage of the terminals-in-denial was planned beforehand and their number was not increasing from day to day. Besides, the operator promoted alternative ways of payments for its clients.

“Speaking of the company’s daily losses was not the right thing to do. Especially since Mr. Assanbayev is not informed about the daily payments made by Beeline clients and the estimation of the operator’s losses he made was merely his personal assumption. We would also like to point out that the information about rates and percentages paid by the company in remuneration that Mr. Assanbayev gave were not correct either: the rate paid by Beeline to the payment systems was much less than 3 percent,” Beeline said.

There are currently around 18 thousand terminals around Kazakhstan. Unikum group of companies produces and sells payment and bank terminals. It owns 600 payment terminals in Kazakhstan.

Beeline Kazakhstan group of companies includes KaR-Tel (Beeline and Beeline Business brands in Kazakhstan), 2Day Telecom and TNS Plus.

Kazakhstan, with a population of over 17 million people, has two other GSM cellular communications operators besides Beeline: KCell-Activ (part of the Scandinavian telecommunications holding TeliaSonera) and Tele2 Kazakhstan.

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