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Astana Arlans destroy Russian Boxing Team 5:0 in first leg of WSB semi-finals


Photo courtesy of vk.com/astana_arlans Photo courtesy of vk.com/astana_arlans

The Astana Arlans faced Russian Boxing Team in the first leg of the World Series of Boxing semi-finals in Astana, Kazakhstan, Tengrinews reports citing Vesti.kz.

The Astana Arlans faced Russian Boxing Team in the first leg of the World Series of Boxing semi-finals in Astana, Kazakhstan, Tengrinews reports citing Vesti.kz.

In the light flyweight division (-49 kg) Temirtas Zhussupov outclassed Vadim Kudriakov by the unanimous decision of the judges (50:45, 50:45, 50:45) brining his team the first victory of the night.

Temirtas Zhussupov. Photo courtesy of vk.com/astana_arlans

In the following bantamweight (-55 kg), Kairat Yeraliev faced Andranik Grigorian. Yeraliev proved to be stronger than his opponent and stanched the second victory for the Arlans with 50:45, 48:47, 49:46 points.

“We have worked very hard preparing for this fight. We prepared both physically and psychologically. We did everything on schedule and on time. (…) I defeated my opponent at the Four Countries Tournament. I studied him. I anticipated all of his attacks and was thinking head of him. In boxing there is always one winner. The loser always wants to get his revenge, but I was not planning to lose,” Yeraliev said after the fight.

Samat Bashenov fought against Avak Uzlian in the light welterweight (-64 kg). Uzlan won the first round of the fight. Bashenov did not look his best that night, but managed to outclass his opponent in the following rounds brining an early victory to the Arlans.

“It was not easy. I would even say, it was difficult. The home audience affects you emotionally. They push you. You are afraid of letting down your team. But I did everything I could. The trainers told me what I had to change. I got myself together and won. (…) After the second round I was confident of the victory,” Bashenov said.

Arlan’s number one middleweight (-75 kg) Meirim Nursultanov got in the ring to face Sukhrob Sidikov. The Arlan completely dominated his opponent winning 50:45, 50:45, 49:46. After the fight, Nursultanov said he was well prepared to fight against Sidikov who did not show anything new in the ring.

“The trainers told me to move more. I was wasn't supposed to stay in one place. I figured out his defence strategies so I could not just stand,” the fighter added.

The heavyweight fight (-91 kg) brought the superstar from the Arlans Vassiliy Levit against Vitaly Kudukov. The Russian fighter got 3 warnings and the judges stopped the fight in the fourth round giving the victory to Levit.

Photo courtesy of vk.com/astana_arlans

“He wanted to infuriate me. Probably that was his tactics. He wanted to dictate his own boxing to me. I contained myself so that I didn't get angry. I knew what I had to do to win. I just had to stay away from getting into a brawling match with him. He was physically stronger so he could have brought me down. But I was able to outclass him. (…) We could have continued the fight. I would have continued the same way. His provocations did not faze me,” Levit said.

Levit’s victory marked the 5th win for the Astana Arlans against Russia Boxing Team. The next day, the teams faced in the second leg of the WSB semi-finals. The Arlans won the second leg 4-1 and now they are to face their old opponent the Cuba Domadores in what we all know as the Clash of Titans. Earlier, the Cubans defeated Mexico Guererroe 10-0. 

By Gyuzel Kamalova


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