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Arlan Wolves tame Hurricane in San Juan 4:1 22 апреля 2015, 18:47

The undefeated Astana Arlans of Kazakhstan continue the victory streak with the 12th consecutive win.
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Jose Rosario vs Zakir Safiullin. Photo © World Series Boxing 2015 Jose Rosario vs Zakir Safiullin. Photo © World Series Boxing 2015

The undefeated Astana Arlans of Kazakhstan has continued their victory streak with the 12th consecutive win. The Wolves pummelled Puerto Rico Hurricanes 4:1 in San Juan.

In the first fight of the night in the welterweight (-69) division, the Kazakh AIBA World Champion Daniyar Yeleussinov celebrated the victory after a walkover decision. Hurricane’s Nicklaus Flaz could not compete against Yeleussinov due to health issues.

Olzhas Sattibayev fought against Jeyvier Cintrón Ocasio in the flyweight division (-52 kg). Sattibayev started with caution probing his opponent. In the second round, the Kazakhstani proceeded with confidence and landed more connecting punches. In the following round, Ocasio caught Sattibayev with head shots. Sattibayev looked more convincing by the end of the fight attacking Ocasio with one-two combinations. But in the end, Ocasio scored more attacks and won the fight with 3:0.

In the following fight in the light heavyweight category (-81 kg), the Croatian Arlan Hrvoje Sep faced Joseph Laboy. Sep got right down to business from the very first round throwing powerful body shots. Laboy worked mostly in combinations. In the second round, Sep scored some uppercuts and tired Laboy out by the third round. The Croatian did not slow down the pace of the fight throughout all the rounds pummelling Laboy heavily. Sep defeated his opponent 50:44, 50:44, 50:44 brining the Arlans the second victory of the night.

Arlans’ lightweight boxer (-60 kg) Zakir Safiullin was in need of a victory after 3 consecutive losses in his debut season. His opponent Jose Rosario boasted 4 victories and zero loses, which did not give much hope to the Arlan. Yet, Safiullin was able to force his pace and boxing style to Rosario. The Arlan fighter kept the Puerto Rican at a distance, coming at him with precise attacks. Rosario, loosing his speed and attempting to close the distance clinched Safiullin. It seemed, Zakir finally found his tempo in the fight against Rosario and earned his first victory at the WSB with 49:45, 48:46, 48:46. The Astana Arlans won over Puerto Rico Hurricanes once again 3:1.

But the WSB night at San Juan had one more fight to see in the super heavyweight division (+91 kg). Arlans’ trusted Croatian super heavyweight Filip Hrgovic faced Jose Gabriel Medina. Hrgovic in the ring is never a fair opponent for any super heavyweight in the WSB. He is just too good. This time, Medina did not stand a chance against the iron fists of the Croatian boxer capped for Kazakhstan. Hrgovic TKOed Medina in the second round, brining his team the final fourth victory against Hurricanes.

Currently, the Arlans are training in Las Vegas at Roy Jones Jr Fight Academy. The next fight is scheduled against Argentina Condors in San Luis on April 18. Due to having their fights in the USA, Puerto Rico and Argentina, Arlans opted for training in the USA to cut the flight time and help the fighters adapt easier to the time difference.

The Astana Arlans retain the first place in the Group B.

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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