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Astana Arlans punch their way to the finals 9:1 against Russian Boxing Team 25 мая 2015, 12:02

Astana Arlans defeat Russian Boxing Team to face Cuba Domadores in the final fight.
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The Astana Arlans has defeated Russian Boxing Team in the second leg of the WSB semi-finals in Astana on May 24, Tengrinews report citing Vesti.kz. The Wolves won 9 fights out of 10 getting their ticket to the finals against Cuba Domadores.

In the first leg of the semi-finals, the Arlans won the Russian team 5:0.

A number of boxers from Kazakhstan’s National Team joined the Arlans in the semi-finals bringing some new energy into the team after the tough season.

In the flyweight (-52 kg) weight division, Kazakh boxer Olzhas Sattibayev faced Karen Artutiunian. The Kazakhstani proved to be stronger than his opponent and won the fight 49:46, 48:47, 49:46. Sattibayev’s victory determined the outcome of the semi-finals for the Arlans.

“You have all seen our boxers lay the foundation for a successful performance yesterday. They won 5:0 and entrusted us to finish the semi-finals. My trainer told me in the changing room that my opponent would not go in the ring just to check the box, he would go to win. I considered that,” Sattibayev said.

Zakir Safiullin, who had a rough first season, fought against Artur Subkhankulov in the lightweight (-60 kg) weight division. He managed to win the first two rounds, but unfortunately lost the third round. After loosing the fourth round to the Russia fighter, Safiullin had to step up his game. The Kazakhstani won the final round and the fight bringing Arlans’ the second victory of the night.

The welterweight (-69 kg) golden boy Daniyar Yeleussinov of Kazakhstan faced Iagub Nuriev. Yeleussinov who previously competed in amateur boxing rings had a hard time adjusting to the 5-round tempo. Nonetheless, the captain of the Kazakhstani National Team defeated his opponent. Yeleussinov admitted that Nuriev was very strong and got the right strategy against him.

Nurdaulet Zharmanov debuted in the light heavyweight (-81 kg) against the experienced fighter Eduard Yakushev. The Russian outclassed the Arlan 49:46, 49:46, 49:46 marking Russians’ first victory against the Kazakhstani team.

“The preparation for the fight was good. But debuting in a fight of such a scale affected me. It was new to me. It was psychologically challenging. I’m certainly disappointed (to lose). I’m grateful to my trainers for giving me a chance to fight in the very critical bout. I’m grateful to my fans for their support,” Zharmanov commented on his defeat.

The final fight of the WSB semi-finals between the Arlans and Russia Boxing Team took place in the super heavyweight (+91 kg). Ivan Dychko, the AIBA Silver World Medalist debuted against Ruslan Shamalov. The Kazakhstani TKOed Shamalov in the second round bringing the score to 9:1.

The Astana Arlans defeated Russian Boxing Team 9:1 and earned their ticket to the WSB final against the feared Cuba Domadores. The Wolves have repeated the outcome of the Season Four by getting in the final against the Cubans. Last year, Arlans lost their championship title to the Cubans in a tough fight. This year, the Astana Arlans plan to take the title back.

By Gyuzel Kamalova 


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