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St. Petersburg to publish book by Kazakh math prodigy 28 февраля 2014, 17:06

Adilsultan Lepes, a student from Almaty, is publishing his book 'Alternative proof of 100 equations: Method of separating invariables' in St. Petersburg, Russia.
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Adilsultan Lepes. Tengrinews.kz file photo Adilsultan Lepes. Tengrinews.kz file photo
Adilsultan Lepes, a student from Almaty, is publishing his book Alternative proof of 100 equations: Method of separating invariables in St. Petersburg, Russia, Tengrinews reports citing Express K. The book will be released in Russian and English. St. Petersburg-based State Electrotechnical University (ETU) is publishing the monograthy by 17-y.o. student of Zhautykov National Physics and Mathematics Boarding School for Gifted Children. The University has learned about the prodigy from Kazakhstan after the teenager won the Baltic Science and Engineering Competition - an international competition of science and technical works of students. "We decided to release the book, because the work includes lots of different ways of solving equations, mainly Jensen's inequalities. This thesis will significantly expand the readers’ horizons. Only several methods are usually used in practice, but the book contains as many as 100 of those!" a representative of the University Sergey Vinnikov said. Ibragim Abatulin, academic advisor of Adilsultan said, "The book by Adilsultan will be very interesting for the economists in the first place. They afraid to use mathematical tools in their researches and studies instead they lead everything to the simple line functions. But there are many of procedures in the economy that are far more complex." Adilsultan Lepes was awarded a Grand-Prix for his report at the Moscow Math Student's Conference in December 2013. Then he won a 1st degree diploma at Russian Junior Scientific Work Competition among High School Students, held on February 1-2, 2014 in Moscow. Earlier, Adilsultan participated in a seminar at the Math Institute in Bulgaria. His project has already been published in several academic magazines and in the Mathematical Excalibur (Hong Kong). The Kazkahstan prodigy has already attracted the interest of the Astana-based Nazarbayev University, U.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of Los Angeles. Adilsultan was born in the family of a railman in Almaty. He studied in an ordinary public school. Besides, the young genius is a Candidate Master of Sports in Judo.

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