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Новости по теме: physics По вашему запросу найдено: 10 материалов
06.05.2015 10:46 Science, Technologies
The world's largest particle smasher resumed colliding protons Tuesday as it gradually reboots following a two-year upgrade.
06.04.2015 12:49 Science, Technologies
The world's largest particle smasher restarted after a two-year upgrade that will allow physicists to explore uncharted corners of what makes up the universe.
09.11.2014 15:43 Science, Technologies
Physicists from Kazakhstan say their new research may result in technologies more efficient than solar panels.
21.07.2014 19:40 Education
Kazakhstan students won 3 gold and 2 silver medals at the 45th International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) in Astana.
28.02.2014 17:06 Science, Technologies
Adilsultan Lepes, a student from Almaty, is publishing his book 'Alternative proof of 100 equations: Method of separating invariables' in St. Petersburg, Russia.
06.12.2013 19:39 Education
Kazakhstan is going to focus on hard sciences to further enhance the country's growing economy.
04.11.2013 14:16 Strange News
Independent researchers from Kazakhstan and the United States are going to try to repeat the Philadelphia Experiment in Kazakhstan.
06.09.2013 00:32 Science, Technologies
Nuclear Physics Institute in Alatau village in Almaty will be expanded.
03.03.2013 17:43 Education
It is expected that more than 500 students will come to Kazakhstan to take part in the International Physics Olympiad in 2014.
11.10.2012 14:49 Science, Technologies
David Wineland, who won Tuesday the Nobel Prize for work in quantum physics with Serge Haroche of France, said our limited computers will "eventually" give way to super-fast, revolutionary ones.