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Kazakh chemist named best CIS scientist 03 января 2015, 14:13

A chemist from Kazakhstan has been named the best across the CIS countries.
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Kazakhstan chemist Yerlan Doszhanov has won the international competition "Best Young Scientist of Eurasia". There were more than 100 contestants from the post soviet space for the title, Tengrinews reports citing TV channel Khabar.

According to the TV report, Yerlan’s work won in "Human Ecology" category.

Yerlan Doszhanov, PhD, is a researcher at the Institute of Combustion Problems. He is not even 35 but his name is already well known in the scientific community, both in Kazakhstan and abroad. Specializing in environmental issues, he has developed an advanced method of cleaning soil from oil pollution via the use of microorganisms.

"The uniqueness of this method is that hydrocarbons, oil and oil products, are oxidized to the final product. We use oxygen, oxidizing microorganisms. We add a strain of Pseudomonas genus. It clears up to 73-90 percent of soil pollution. It oxidizes hydrocarbons, isolating intermediates and up to the final product. These are CO2 and H2O," Doszhanov explained.

According to him, this method not only cleans the soil from oil spills, but also improves its structure.

Yerlan Doszhanov is also the author of a biochemical method for identification of sources of hydrocarbon contamination, which allows one to identify and remove oil waste directly into the soil.

By Dinara Urazova

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