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118 y.o supercentenarian dies in South Kazakhstan 23 марта 2014, 12:46

The oldest woman in Kazakhstan died at the age of 118.
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Photo a courtesy of Vesti.kz Photo a courtesy of Vesti.kz
The oldest woman in Kazakhstan Balakul Baltabayeva died at the age of 118, Tengrinews reports citing the Mayor of Talas District of the Zhambul Oblast. If her age was recorded correctly, this would make her even old then the 118 y.o. Misao Okawa from Japan who is considered the world's oldest supercentenarian. Balakul Baltabayeva spent her youth in the turmoil years of Kazakhstan under the Russian Empire in the beginning of the 19th century. She worked as a shepherd in a kolkhoz for over 40 years. Yeseikhan village in Zhambyl Oblast was home to grandma Balakul who had three children. Unfortunately, the news about Balakul Baltabayeva’s death came in right after the oldest citizen of Kazakhstan had been found. All in all, there are 943 centenarians currently living in Kazakhstan. Only 295 of them are men. There are 648 women in Kazakhstan whose age is over 100 years. 115 centenarians live in South Kazakhstan Oblast. Ulbala Beisenova is a 115 y.o supercentenarian native of the South Kazakhstan Oblast. The biggest city Almaty has 91 women who are over 100 y.o. Kulshara Beisekova is another supercentenarian who has just turned 116. She has been living in Smirnov nursing house for elderly and handicap. Grandma Kulshara does not have any relatives. The doctors at the nursing house noted that despite headaches and some pain in her legs she is very healthy for her age. Kulshara Beisekova is most likely the oldest person in Kazakhstan now.

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