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Military equipment supplies from Russia to Kazakhstan increased 70-fold since 2010 14 мая 2012, 17:20

Russia still remains the priority partner for Kazakhstan in military and technical cooperation.
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BTR-82 tank support fighting vehicle. ©RIA Novosti BTR-82 tank support fighting vehicle. ©RIA Novosti
In spite of the fact that Astana pursues a multiple-vector policy Russia still remains the priority partner for Kazakhstan in military and technical cooperation. The volume of military supplies has gone up multiple times in the last several years, Tengrinews.kz reports, referring to Essen Topoyev, RosoboronExport executive director’s adviser. During the two past years RosoboronExport company supplied Kazakhstan with BTR-82A armored fighting vehicles, BMPT tank support combat vehicles called Terminator for their fire power and effectiveness and TOS-1A heavy flame systems. It is hard to believe, but military equipment supply has increased by 70 times in comparison with 2010,” Topoyev said. He added that the modernization of earlier supplied Soviet (Russian) weaponry and military equipment is a vital aspect of Kazakhstan-Russia military and technical cooperation. “Modernization is the fastest and the most feasible way to update the equipment that was purchased years ago. It will bring the equipment to the level of the modern armament that meet the most sophisticated demands. Take T-72 armored vehicle modernization and revamp for example: RosoboronExport offers its package modernization with the use of proven techniques that combine both Russian and other countries’ experience of the armor’s use in combat,” Topoyev said. He said that only Russian revamp techniques could provide the highest level of modernization. “The revamp and modernization could be made in specially created joint service centers at the territory of Kazakhstan,” Topoyev said. According to him, RosoboronExport is ready to offer a package modernization of BMP-2M infantry combat vehicles. It will include equipment of the gun control system with up-to-date multiple rifle scope gunner, new weapons stabilizer and ballistic computer with firing condition sensor. “These new technical and engineering technologies would raise BMP-2M combat effectiveness to a new level. They would also enhance its combat capacities in poor visibility conditions. BMP-2M vehicles are currently in service in the majority of armies in the region. This makes modernization of BMP-2M an effective and profitable endeavor for foreign clients,” Topoyev said.

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