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©REUTERS Kazakhstan's experts comment on Russian air strikes in Syria Kazakhstan’s experts have commented on the air strikes made by Russian forces on Wednesday targeting the militants of the so-called Islamic State.
17 октября 2015
©REUTERS Number of people joining ISIS is decreasing: Kazakh political scientist Yerlan Karin According to Kazakhstan’s political scientist Yerlan Karin, the number of fighters that the ISIS or Daish, its Arabic acronym, is luring has been decreasing.
30 июля 2015
Photo courtesy of AKIpress Terrorists destroyed in Bishkek - Kazakhstani citizens? Reports circulating in the Kyrgyz media allege that the terrorists destroyed in Bishkek on July 16 were Kazakhstani citizens.
21 июля 2015
©REUTERS 300 Kazakhstanis joined Islamic State, half of them - women National Security Committee of Kazakhstan has announced that 300 Kazakhstan nationals joined the ranks of the Islamic State. Half of them are women.
20 ноября 2014
Islamic State recruits thousands from Central Asia: expert Canadian expert Rafal Rohozynsky claims that the Islamic State has already recruited thousands of Central Asian nationals.
27 октября 2014
Nuclear warhead on a trolley. © RIA Novosti Islamic State terrorists transporting nuclear weapons through Kazakhstan unlikely: Dr Dronzina Member of the International Association for the Study of Terrorism comments on the statement of Russian military official, who said terrorists could use the terrotories of Central Asian countries to transport weapons of mass destruction.
16 сентября 2014
Still of the video reported by KTK TV channel Video of Kazakhstanis in Syria is a manipulation: political expert Kazakh political analyst Yerlan Karin called the video purporting to show Kazakhstani citizens fighting in Syria an information manipulation.
02 сентября 2014
Snapshot from the video 16 Kazakhstanis join militants of Islamic State of Iraq At least 16 Kazakhstanis are know to have joined the extremist militants of the Islamic State of Iraq.
01 сентября 2014
Facing new flight, Turkish Kurds in Iraq long for home Families who once fled a Turkish crackdown on Kurdish rebels in the 1990s after escaping from brutal jihadists, longing to return home.
23 августа 2014
Israel hits Gaza, suspends Cairo talks after rocket fire Israel and Palestinian militants resumed fire across the Gaza border, sparking panic across the war-torn enclave and halting truce talks.
20 августа 2014
©Reuters Japanese man feared kidnapped by Syrian militants Japan's government said it was investigating a video that appears to show a kidnapped Japanese man being interrogated by Syrian militants.
18 августа 2014
Preparation for Peace Mission 2014.Photo © Vladimir Prokopenko Kazakh troops to participate in anti-terrorist Peace Mission drills in China Kazakhstani Airmobile forces have departed for anti-terrorist military drills Peace Mission 2014 in China.
16 августа 2014
Britain to transport arms to Kurds as it bolsters Iraq aid Britain is to transport military supplies to Kurdish forces battling militants in northern Iraq and strengthen its aid mission there
13 августа 2014
Suspected militants kidnap Cameroon minister's wife, kill 6: police Suspected Boko Haram militants kidnapped the wife of a senior Cameroonian minister and a traditional leader in attacks in the far north of the country that left at least six dead.
28 июля 2014
Political scientist Yerlan Karin. ©Yaroslav Radlovsky ISIS, geopolitics of Iraqi crisis and Central Asian militants: interview Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) is recruiting Kazakhstanis and other Central Asians amid its expansion in Iraq and the big geopolitical game in the Middle East.
30 июня 2014
Kerry in Iraq as Sunni militants press western front US Secretary of State John Kerry landed in Baghdad Monday on a surprise trip to push for Iraqi unity and stability, as Sunni militants advanced in west Iraq after security forces retreated.
23 июня 2014
Obama under pressure to respond to Iraq crisis President Barack Obama has not decided how to respond to rampant Sunni militants grabbing swathes of Iraq, but is looking at every option short of sending US combat soldiers back to war.
19 июня 2014
US mulls air strikes as Iraq militants advance on Baghdad Militants have seized the Iraqi city of Tikrit as a jihadist offensive sweeps closer to Baghdad, prompting the UN Security Council to convene crisis talks Thursday while the US mulls air strikes on the rebels.
12 июня 2014
©Reuters/Stringer Iraq election candidate kidnapped as attacks kill 16 Militants kidnapped an Iraqi election candidate Sunday as attacks in Baghdad and northern Iraq killed 16 people and officials prepared to announce the results of last month's vote.
19 мая 2014
©Reuters/Alaa Al-Marjani Militants kidnap, kill 20 Iraqi soldiers: officials Militants attacked a military base in north Iraq, kidnapped 20 soldiers and later shot them dead, police and a morgue employee said.
11 мая 2014

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