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Nazarbayev urges to define a place for a nuclear power plant 24 января 2013, 00:41

I task the Government with submitting specific suggestions in the H1 2013: President Nazarbayev.
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Kazakhstan’s President Nazarbayev has instructed to define a place to accommodate a nuclear power plant, a Tengrinews.kz journalist reports. “Let’s get to actual construction”, President said January 23 when addressing KazAtomProm Nuclear Company Head Vladimir Shkolnik. “There have been many arguments over whether it’s better to have a nuclear power plant in the center of the country or in Aktau, in West Kazakhstan. I’ve been told constructing a nuclear power plant is better than burning gas (…) We should have a nuclear power plant in Kazakhstan for a number of reasons (…) Let’s define a place and start actual talks with a partner”, President said. “I commission the Government to evaluate the current energy balance (…) It will take many years to construct a nuclear power plant. Many factors should be taken in the long run. I task the Government with submitting specific suggestions in the H1 2013”, President said. Nuclear power plants may emerge in Kazakhstan as early as within the following ten years, Sergey Yashin, KazAtomProm Nuclear Company Vice Chairman of the Board, said speaking at the VI KAZENERGY international forum in Astana October 5, 2011. “Construction of nuclear power plants is seen not only as an additional source of power, but also as a major driving force of the industrial development: construction of such facilities calls for sophisticated technology. All this will contribute to development of adjacent industries”, he said at the time. He reminded that in 2011 Kazakhstan’s Government had adopted a program to develop the national nuclear industry. “In the nearest future we will have to define the place of nuclear power in the overall power balance, define location of the future power plants, choose an optimal technology, (…) and solve a lot of related issues from personnel development to possible participation of Kazakhstan-based enterprises in construction of nuclear power plants”, Novosti Kazakhstan quoted Mr. Yashin as saying at that time. Development of the peaceful nuclear power is the only way to meet the growing demand for energy, President Nazarbayev said when speaking at the International Nuclear-Free World Forum in Astana October 12, 2011. Nazarbayev stressed that nuclear industry is one of the innovation forces, especially given that the nation holds about ¼ of the global uranium reserves. “We have all the nuclear power industry infrastructure and a huge scientific potential. And we ensure safety and security of all the peaceful nuclear power facilities”, he said.
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