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Kazakhstan to use one third of its wastes to generate 'green' energy 29 января 2014, 12:11

‘Green’ energy will be generated from 30% of all the wastes in Kazakhstan by 2050.
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‘Green’ energy will be generated from 30% of all the wastes in Kazakhstan by 2050, Tengrinews reports citing the Minister of Environment and Water Resources Nurlan Kapparov. According to the Minister, use of wastes to produce ‘green' energy is one of the indicators of a countries development. "This case is about generating gas and processing of biodegradable wastes to produce heat and electric power. We will start with a conservative 5% by 2020 and bring the share of wastes used to generate energy to 30% by 2050," he said. Kapparov added that Kazakhstan was planning to focus on introducing separate collection of waste packaging starting from 10% in 2020 and bringing it to 80% in 2050. "Besides, the program of modernization of the municipal solid wastes system also involves improvement of the hazardous municipal wastes collection and utilization system and bringing the share of separate collection of these wastes to 35% by 2020 and to 80% by 2050," he added. Besides, the Minister said that another task of the program was to ensure that 100% of landfills were sanitized waste sites by 2050. To do so the plan was to bring the share of sanitized waste sites to 50% by 2020. By Altynai Zhumzhumina

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