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Kazakhstan 7th in world by vodka consumption 20 июня 2013, 13:09

Kazakhstan is in top 10 alcohol consumers after Russia, the U.S., Ukraine, Poland, Uzbekistan and Belarus.
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Kazakhstan is ranked 7th in the world by vodka consumption, The Economist writes citing ф research based on British International Wine & Spirit Research data. The total consumption of vodka made 4.44 billion liters in the world in 2012, while Kazakhstan consumed around 0.1 billion liters: 5.9 liters per capita. Russia is number one in the list. The country’s citizens consumed almost 2 billion liters of vodka: 13.9 liters per capita. The U.S. were ranked second with the total consumption of alcohol standing at over 0.6 billion liters: 1.9 liters per capita. Ukraine is ranked third with the total alcohol consumption at 0.4 billion liters: 7.7 liters per capita. Poland is the fourth. The Poles consumed almost 0.3 billion liters of vodka: 7 liters per capita. It is followed by Uzbekistan with the total consumption of 0.1 billion liters of vodka and 4.4 liters per capita. Belarus is ranked 6th with 0.1 billion liters, or 11.3 liters per capita. Kazakhstan is followed by Great Britain (1.3 liters per capita), Brazil (0.4 liters per capita) and Germany (0.9 liters per capita). The research also covered consumption of other alcoholic beverages. The world’s population consumed the total of 1.47 billion liters of rum (Cuba is a leader with 4.9 liters per capita), 0.86 billion liters of scotch and whiskey (France is a leader with 1.9 liters per capita), 0.44 billion liters of gin (the Philippines is the leader with 1.4 liter per capita) and 0.23 billion tons of tequila (Mexico is a leader with 0.63 liters per capita) in 2012.

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