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Russia suggests moratorium on catching sturgeons in Caspian Sea 24 июля 2013, 15:53

Russia has suggested introducing a 5-year sturgeon-catching ban in the Caspian Sea in several months.
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Russia has suggested to introduce a 5-year moratorium on sturgeon catching in the Caspian Sea within several months, RIA Novosti writes. Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Iran are ready to support the initiative. “We are expecting a meeting of heads of the Pre-Caspian countries in the nearest months. There is also an agreement to add two issues to the final protocol of the summit. Introduction of the 5-year moratorium on catching sturgeon in the Caspian Sea is one of them,” head of RosRybolovstvo (Russian fishing authority) Andrei Krayniy said. According to him, the 5 year moratorium will help restore the population of sturgeons to the level sufficient to resume commercial fishing.

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