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31.03.2015 18:22 Crime
Kazakhstani coast guards have stopped four Azeri poachers, who were trying to escape the territorial waters of Kazakhstan with nearly a ton of sturgeon.
11.04.2014 18:46 Environment
Atyrau fishers from Amangeldi Production Cooperation have caught a giant sturgeon in the Caspian sea.
06.01.2014 17:38 Laws, Initiatives
A moratorium on commercial fishing of sturgeons at the Caspian Sea came into force on January 1, 2014.
30.10.2013 01:18 Environment
Kazakhstan insists that all the pre-Caspian states introduce a ban on catching sturgeons in the Caspian Sea.
24.07.2013 15:53 Laws, Initiatives
Russia has suggested introducing a 5-year sturgeon-catching ban in the Caspian Sea in several months.
09.05.2013 15:53 Environment
Sturgeons may disappear completely in Kazakhstan in the nearest 4-5 years.
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