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No alcohol sales after 9pm in Kazakhstan 19 июня 2014, 13:16

Kazakhstan has banned alcohol sales between 9 p.m. and noon.
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Photo © RIA Novosti Photo © RIA Novosti

Kazakhstan has banned alcohol sales between 9 p.m. and noon, Tengrinews reports citing Akorda.

The ban applies to shops, gas stations and other retails. In restaurants, cafes and bars the restriction on alcohol sales does not apply.

President Nazarbayev signed the bill ammending the legislation regulating Production and Circulation of Ethyl Alcohol and Alcoholic and Alcohol-Containing Products.

The legislation is aimed at protecting economic interests, economic security of the state, life and health of the citizens.

In addition, Kazakhstan government promised to strengthen control of the quantity of produced alcohol, introduce methods of identification and control of alcohol products by sellers and buyers and establish a minimum threshold on alcohol production.

Earlier, Kazakhstan banned several websites for adverting alcohol.

Besides, Kazakhstan planned to introduce a temporary ban on import of alcohol from a number of foreign countries that did not meet the Customs Union standards.


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