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Medeu National Park entrance fee abolished in Almaty 13 февраля 2012, 16:40

So called ecological entrance fee to Medeu mountain area has been laid off in Almaty.
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Medeu ecological post. ©Daniyar Obozov Medeu ecological post. ©Daniyar Obozov
So called ecological entrance fee to Medeu mountain area has been laid off in Almaty, Tengrinews.kz reports. For example, earlier the entrance fee to the territory of protected environmental zone made up 300 tenge ($2). At present the auto barriers are open at the ecological post in both directions. However, ecological post's officers continue their duty rotations at the post and are ensuring order along with road policemen. Now cars that drive to Medeu skating rink pass the post without stopping. However, payment machines are still in their places at the post. According to the ecological post officials the auto barriers opened on February 3. According to their data about one thousand vehicles pass through the post on their way to Medeu and Shymbulak on holidays and week-ends and only several hundreds vehicles in week-days. But the officers could provide no explanation of why the entrance fee was suddenly eliminated. Meanwhile the parking fee near Medeu-Shymbulak aerial tram is the same – 500 tenge (about $3). But cars can be parked free of charge near Medeu skating rink.
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