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Medeu skating rink. Photo courtesy of Medeu high-mountain skating rink in Almaty from bird's eye view A video capturing Medeu high-mountain skating rink located in Almaty from a bird's eye view has appeared on the Internet two days ago.
30 января 2015
Ile-Alatau National Park after the wildfire was quenched. ©Vladimir Prokopenko Effects of wildfire at Mokhnatka Mount can be cleared by 2014 Works to eliminate consequences of the wildfire at Mokhnatka Mount in Ile-Alatau National Park should be finished by 2014.
05 октября 2012
Mokhnatka mount after fire. Photo by Vladimir Prokopenko© Almaty residents can donate for restoration of Mokhnatka mount Kazakhstan residents will take part in the campaign to save and restore thfire-damaged Mokhnatka mount in Ile-Alatau national park in Medeu gorge near Almaty.
17 сентября 2012
Medeu ecological post. ©Daniyar Obozov Medeu National Park entrance fee abolished in Almaty So called ecological entrance fee to Medeu mountain area has been laid off in Almaty.
13 февраля 2012 stock photo Over $1 million to be spent on tree planting in Almaty Mass tree planting started in Almaty.
17 октября 2011
Medeu high-mountain skating rink 40th winter season to kick off at Medeu skating rink Medeu high-mountain skating rink is opening its 40th winter season on October 1.
28 сентября 2011
In the wake of the storms. ©Vladimir Dmitriyev Mountain slopes left absolutely treeless by the storms of May 17 and June 27 pose serious threat to Almaty: Mayor According to him, the clean-up teams working to remove the fallen trees lack tractors and sawmills.
25 августа 2011
Photo by Vladimir Dmitriyev© Over 6,000 fallen trees cleared off in Medeu Public facilities of Almaty and employees of the Emergency Situations Department continue cleaning up Medeu area.
16 августа 2011
Medeu high-mountain skating rink Summer season in Medeu will open on June 10 Summer season at Medeu high-mountain skating rink will start on June 10.
06 июня 2011
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