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Kazakhstan mulls admitting foreign companies to its domestic flights 21 октября 2013, 13:15

Admission of foreign air companies to making domestic flights in Kazakhstan will decrease the air tickets costs.
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Admission of foreign air companies to making domestic flights in Kazakhstan is expected to help decrease the air tickets costs and make the market more competitive, KazTAG reports citing Vice Chairman of the Kazakhstan Agency for Protection of Completion (Anti-Monopoly Agency) Timur Baimukhanov. "The Eurasian Economic Commission and the Anti-Monopoly Agency have studied the transborder markets of telecommunication, air transportation and electrical power. The study has reveal problems in several areas. The market analysis of air transportation, for example, showed that rate of Kazakhstan airlines exceed those of Russian ones. The agency is working on resolving the issue in cooperation with the Eurasian Economic Commission," Baimukhanov said. According to Baimukhanov, admission of foreign companies to Kazakhstan's domestic air transportation market is a way to decrease ticket prices for the population. "'One route - several carriers' is the strategy that we have already started complementing together with the Ministry of Transportation and Communication of Kazakhstan. There are 2-3 carriers per one route already, and it has had a positive effects on the air tickets rates," the Vice-Chairman said.

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