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Kazakhstan introduces quotas for imported work force 12 мая 2012, 14:36

Respective resolution was printed in government-run media May 12.
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Today the Government of Kazakhstan has introduced quotas for imported workforce in 2012, Newskaz.ru reported. Respective resolution was printed in government-run media May 12. “The Government has decreed to set the quota for imported workforce at 1% of the nation’s economically active population”, the announcement reads. The decree comes into force 10 days following the announcement day. About 30 000 foreigners are currently employed in Kazakhstan, with most of them (81%) holding managerial positions, Newskaz.ru cited Vice Minister of Labor Birzhan Nurumbetov as saying May 11. According to him, “their number stands at 0.3% of economically active population”. “When it comes to laborers, Kazakhstan has set tight requirements because we have a vast “army” of local unemployed who could fill in all the respective niches”, he said. According to the State Agency for Statistics, the number of actually unemployed people made up 473 000at the end of 2011, with the unemployment rate standing at 5.4% (0.4% lower against the end of 2010). The share of men in the figure stood at 43.3%, with women accounting for the other 56.7%. The share of the unemployed aged 15-24 in the overall figure made up 12.2% (58 000 people).

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