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Defenders Day to become a public holiday in Kazakhstan 04 мая 2012, 11:11

Armed forces of Kazakhstan will mark their 20th anniversary on May 7. President decreed to make this day a public holiday.
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Photo courtesy of  REUTERS/Shamil Zhumatov© Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Shamil Zhumatov©
President Nursultan Nazarbayev, the Commander-in-Chief of Kazakhstan, instructed the government to draft and submit a bill to the parliament to make the Defender’s Day celebrated on the 7th of May a public holiday, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports. The President’s decree “On the 20th anniversary of the armed forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan” of 3 May 2012 was published in the official media this Thursday. By this same order the Minister of Defense of Kazakhstan was delegated to express gratitude and acknowledgement to the personnel of the armed forces for their contribution to the defensive power of the country. The President also ordered to arrange celebratory fireworks in Almaty and Astana on May 7. It is well known that the armed forces of Kazakhstan will mark their 20th anniversary on May 7. “This day represents both the chronicle of Kazakhs’ heroic deeds and the continuity of tradition of serving the homeland. Over the past 20 years of the statehood development, Kazakhstan has always prioritized the strengthening of the country’s defensive power and building a modern and professional army,” the order says. Nazarbayev stressed that the armed forces of Kazakhstan “are characterized by fine military training, quality reserve personnel, a network of national military institutions, and all the necessary technical support. Our military personnel are an example of highly trained professionals with excellent team work and combat skills,” he emphasized. “Serving in the army has become an honored duty of every citizen, a powerful school of patriotism, based on the heroic traditions of the previous generations,” the document says. As the anniversary of the armed forces approaches, Nazarbayev congratulated the veterans, military staff, as well all the Kazakhstan citizens. “I wish all the people of Kazakhstan a peaceful sky over their heads, prosperity and well-being, new achievements for the good of our motherland – the Republic of Kazakhstan,” the commander-in-chief stated in his decree.

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