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18.11.2015 18:54 Laws, Initiatives
In December Kazakhstanis and permanent residents of the country will have 3 additional holiday.
28.09.2015 18:56 Politics
Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev has congratulated Kazakhstanis on the Kurban Ait holiday.
03.09.2015 00:53 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstanis are getting one day off for the Kurban-ait holiday in September,
20.08.2015 21:19 Entertainment, Style
To celebrate the Day of Almaty, locals and guests of the city are invited to 50 events, from musical performances to quests.
14.08.2015 19:05 Politics
Kazakhstanis will be resting for three days on the Constitution Day this year.
07.07.2015 18:55 Politics
Kazakhstan celebrated the Astana Day on July 6, which is also President Nazarbayev's birthday.
07.05.2015 01:59 Entertainment, Style
Servicemen of Kazakhstan have prepared an original congratulation to make the Day of Defender of the Fatherland.
06.05.2015 19:42 Entertainment, Style
The upcoming Victory Day parade celebrating the 70th anniversary will be open to guests with invitation cards.
04.05.2015 18:53 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has congratulated the Kazakhstanis on the Day of Unity.
12.04.2015 18:23 Religion
President of Kazakhstan has extended his congratulations on the Easter holiday to Kazakhstan.
07.04.2015 08:57 Laws, Initiatives
The beginning of May in Kazakhstan has always been rich with holidays. This year, Kazakhstanis will enjoy 3 days off in May.
23.03.2015 19:21 Politics
Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev has congratulated Kazakhstanis on Nauryz holiday.
22.03.2015 08:40 Entertainment, Style
21st March is the beginning of the celebration of the oldest holiday in the Kazakh Steppe - Nauryz, the day of rebirth and new beginning.
09.03.2015 12:47 Cinema, Music
Disney's Cinderella movie has premiered in Kazakhstan's movie theaters earlier than around the world on the eve of the International Women's Day.
07.01.2015 15:01 Politics
Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev has congratulated the people of Kazakhstan on Orthodox Christmas.
16.12.2014 16:14 Politics
Kazakhstan is celebrating its Independence Day on December 16.
08.12.2014 18:14 Laws, Initiatives
All the residents of Kazakhstan will have two days off for the Independence Day.
01.12.2014 16:30 Politics
1st December is the Day of the First President in Kazakhstan. Today, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev spoke about the larger meaning of this day for the entire nation.
29.11.2014 13:23 Entertainment, Style
Black Friday kicked off with expectations that lower gasoline prices and higher consumer confidence could mean better year-end retail sales than last year.
28.11.2014 12:04 Disasters
A winter storm that wreaked travel chaos across the US northeast wound down, but hundreds of thousands of people were left without power on the Thanksgiving holiday.
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