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Russian diplomat run a 4-year-old girl over with a car in Almaty 05 мая 2011, 17:07

An employee of the Consulate General of Russia run a 4-year-old girl over with an electric car in Almaty.
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Andrey Mamayev (in the center). Photo courtesy of kazeu.kz Andrey Mamayev (in the center). Photo courtesy of kazeu.kz
An employee of the Consulate General of Russia Andrey Mamayev run a 4-year-old girl over with an electric car in Almaty, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Almaty Department of Internal Affairs. “The tragedy occurred on May 1 in Panfilov park. Currently we are collecting documents and waiting for a forensic medical examination. The results of such examination will be grounds for the decision on a criminal case initiation,” the department said. Meanwhile, a 46-year-old Senior Consul with diplomatic immunity does not admit his guilt. He insists that it was an accident. “I took my family for a walk in the park. My wife and I decided to give our kids a ride in an electric car. I sat at the driver's seat but did not press any pedal. I just looked down to see that there were two pedal: accelerator and brake. The person who was in charge of renting these cars came over to us. He was in a hurry and immediately turned the start key. The car varoomed before I could do anything. It was an accident,” said Mamayev. Vera Smetanina, grandmother of the injured Liliya, also confirmed that the car started moving all of a sudden and everything happened very quickly. “I tried to get into the car's way -- I still have bruises -- but the car hit the kid. My poor girl span under the car several times. The guys who were renting out these electric cars ran away immediately after the accident. The family of Sergey Mamayev paid us 15 thousand tenge ($100). His wife calls us regularly and asks about the girl's health,” she said. Deputy head physician of №1 Almaty Сhildrens Clinical Hospital Nikolay Dyachenko said that the girl is currently in a stable grave condition. They had to extirpate the girl's lien. Both of her legs have been broken. It is unclear how long she will have to stay in the hospital. All medical aid is rendered free of charge. Mamayev is planning to submit a counter-claim against the company that rented out those electric cars. Police is currently looking for the owners of the cars. Mamayev says he will be helping the girl's family and is ready to pay for rehabilitation and medical treatment of the 4-year-old Liliya Smetanina. The girl's family is looking for witnesses of the accident. By Indira Khametchina
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