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Russia temporarily provided orbital slot for KazSat-2 05 июня 2011, 18:37

Kazakhstan and Russia signed a treaty on the use of an orbital slot for KazSat-2 satellite.
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KazSat-2 KazSat-2
Kazakhstan and Russia signed a treaty on the use of an orbital slot for KazSat-2 satellite, press-service of Kazakhstan Ministry of Communications and Information reports. The treaty was signed by Kazakhstan Minister of Communications and Information Askar Zhumagaliyev and his Russian peer Igor Schegolev. The agreement was reached at the meeting of the Board of the Heads of the Communications Administrations the Regional Commonwealth in the field of Communications. As per the treaty, Russia supplies KazSat-2 with a slot at the 86.5 degrees east longitude orbit. Currently this slot is reserved for KUPON-4M Russian satellite network in International Telecommunication Union. KazSat 2 is a Kazakh communication satellite that features 12 Ku-band transponders for fixed communications and 4 Ku-band transponders for TV-transmissions and is intended for telecast, fixed satellite communication and data transmission for Kazakhstan and Central Asia. It was delivered to Baikonur cosmodrome on May 30. The launch of KazSat-2 is scheduled for July 10, 2011. Satellites in geostationary orbit must all occupy a single ring above the equator. The requirement to space these satellites apart to avoid harmful radio-frequency interference during operations means that there are a limited number of orbital "slots" available, thus only a limited number of satellites can be operated in geostationary orbit. This has led to a conflict between different countries wishing access to the same orbital slots (countries at the same longitude but differing latitudes) and radio frequencies.

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