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Kyrgyz rats armigrating to South Kazakhstan 08 июня 2011, 15:23

Rats population has sharply increased in Taraz.
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Photo courtesy of postup.brama.com Photo courtesy of postup.brama.com
Rats population has spiked in Taraz, Vremya writes. A local citizen, theater artist Sergey Kopylov made a series of rats images. He notes that rats are everywhere: ten meters from Nauryz kindergarten, in the 2nd microregion and even in ditches next to Taraz City Court building. Acting Head of Department of Hazardous and Quarantine Infections of Taraz State Sanitary Control Authority Apiza Umarova said that number of rats in the city increased and local citizens have been filing complains more frequently. “We think that there is migration from Kyrgyzstan: everyone is busy with revolutions there and have no time to deal with rats. 3 million tenge ($20,500) have already been allocated from the state budget for deratization this year,” Umarova said. Earlier the same problem appeared in Shymkent. City authorities allocated 43 million tenge ($295 thousand) for deratization for the first time in the last 10 years.

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