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Kazakhstan’s Parliament closes its 4th session today 30 июня 2011, 17:24

In September Kazakhstan’s Parliament will detailedly consider the draft resolution to send military engineers to Afghanistan: Majilis Speaker Ural Mukhamdzhanov.
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REUTERS/ Mukhtar Kholdorbekov REUTERS/ Mukhtar Kholdorbekov
Today at a joint sitting, the Kazakhstan’s Parliament closed its 4th session. During the session the Parliament considered 190 draft laws, adopting 141 of them (with 107 signed by the President). Besides, over 70 international agreements, conventions and treaties were signed. The Parliament will get back to work in September. The Kazakhstan’s Parliament will detailedly consider the draft resolution to send military engineers to Afghanistan after getting back to work, Majilis (lower chamber) Speaker Ural Mukhamdzhanov told journalists today. “There are some issues to be discussed thoroughly”, he said. June 22 Kazakhstan’s Senate had refused to ratify the agreement with NATO on Kazakhstan’s involvement in the operations of the International coalition in Afghanistan. Senate Speaker Kairat Mami emphasized June 22 that Kazakhstan is supporting the international efforts, including those of NATO, aimed at restoring stability in Afghanistan. “Kazakhstan has been rendering and will be rendering humanitarian aid to the Afghan people”, he said. May 18 2011 Kazakhstan’s Majilis (lower chamber) approved of ratification of an agreement with NATO about Astana’s involvement in the international coalition forces in Afghanistan. Ratification was yet to be approved by the Kazakhstan’s senate and signed by President Nazarbayev. The Taliban warned majority Muslim Kazakhstan that its decision to send troops to the NATO-led war in Afghanistan would have severe consequences and was not in its regional interest, Reuters reported earlier. “The Agreement between Kazakhstan and NATO envisages sending 4 Kazakhstan’s officers to serve with the International Security Assistance Force headquarters in Kabul. They will be rotated every 6 months”, Mr. Abdrakhmanov of the Foreign Ministry had to elaborate, following the Taliban’s remarks. Thus, the agreement implies “not sending Kazakhstan’s military troops [to Afghanistan], but rather contribution to the efforts of the Government - UN-recognized and voted for by the Afghan people – to ensure safety and reconstruct peaceful life in this country”, the Foreign Ministry made it clear. Foreign Ministry’s spokesman Askar Abdrakhmanov reminded that the International coalition in Afghanistan comprises 47 nations, 19 of which are NOT members of NATO and 6 are members of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC). June 9 the Kazakh Senate refused to ratify the agreement, saying that such issues should be considered at joint sessions. However, at a joint session June 20 the issue was not on the agenda.

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