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Kazakhstan is cautious about adopting Afghanistan-related laws 26 мая 2011, 11:48

An agreement with France on transit of military equipment and personnel was ratified on May 25 with several reservations.
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Kazakhstan is now cautious about adopting Afghanistan-related laws. An agreement with France on transit of military equipment and personnel was ratified on May 25 after several reservations, Tengrinews.kz reports. Deputies of the Lower Chamber of the Parliament showed their concern when adopting this draft law. Vladimir Nekhoroshev even called provision of the right of transit to NATO forces “an indirect participation of Kazakhstan in the military conflict.” The deputies asked Foreign Ministry to confirm that official Kabul has a correct understanding of Kazakhstan's position and realizes that the country is not participating in any military operations, but is rendering humanitarian support to restoration of Afghanistan. When presenting the law draft, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Kairat Umarov confirmed that Afghanistan understands Kazakhstan correctly. Deputies started voting for the document only after Yerzhan Issakulov said: “France is waiting for this agreement.” The deputies ratified the Agreement between the government of Kazakhstan and the government of France on provision of transit right for military equipment and personnel through the territory of Kazakhstan in relation to participation of France's Armed Forces in the efforts to stabilize and restore Afghanistan. The agreement was reached during the visit of Nicolas Sarkozy to Kazakhstan. Earlier Kazakhstan agreed on the same issue with Germany. As per Deputy Minister, Franch forces represent the second largest contingent in Afghanistan. Earlier Afghan Talibs released a warning to Kazakhstan in relation to sending Kazakhstan militarymen to Afghanistan. By Renat Tashkinbayev
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