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NCOC discussing possible scenarios of safe oil production restart at Kashagan 09 января 2014, 19:22

NCOC, the Kashagan field operator, has started discussing possible technological scenarios of safe oil production restart.
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North Caspian Operating Company B.V. (NCOC), the Kashagan field operator, has started discussing possible technological scenarios of safe oil production restart, Tengrinews reports citing the company’s press-service. "The scenarios will mostly depend on the results of the interpretation of the failing pipelines and a range of other aspects," a NCOC representative said. The Kashagan operator waived off the dates of oil production restart that were recently published in еру media calling them speculations that did not reflect the real plans and intentions of the consortium. Earlier the company said named sulphide stress corrosion the direct cause of the gas leak that caused the suspension of the oil production. The cause of origination of the corrosion is currently being investigated. Replying to the speculations in the media, NCOC declared that gas hydrate formation could never have caused the sulphide stress corrosion. "The hydrates are formed when natural gas components are combined with water and freeze up at temperature above the water-ice transition temperature. This can cause partial or complete blockage of gas transmission pipelines. The fractures can't be connected or caused by forming of the hydrate," the company's representative said. Besides, the NCOC said that no formation of the hydrate had ever been registered at any of the Kazakhstan facilities before. The representative of NCOC also pointed out that they were seeking confirmations of each of the supposed gas leaks and pipe defects by means of ground excavations and dismantling of pipeline sections where needed. “The inspection of the pipeline is made with the use of a diagnostic internal pipeline scraper (pig). The works are being done on the schedule. Inspection of the high sulfurous gas pipeline is over and now the gathered information is being processed,” the press-service of the company said. The final results of inspection are expected to be ready in the beginning of 2014. The company’s representative pointed out that the results would be attached to the reports and submitted to the regulatory authorities of Kazakhstan for consideration. In the meanwhile NCOC is running pre-inspection operations at the oil pipeline.

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