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28.04.2016 17:36 Environment
More than 100 tonnes of clams have perished in central Vietnam because of a possible toxic leak into the sea near an industrial zone.
13.04.2016 19:08 Finance
Tax authorities from the world's richest nations on Wednesday probed a mass of murky offshore dealings revealed in the huge Panama Papers data leak, just hours after police raided the law firm at the centre of the scandal.
04.04.2016 14:58 Crime
A Panamanian shell company may have helped hide millions of dollars from the Brink's-Mat heist leaked tax documents allege.
24.03.2016 16:56 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan is set to enforce a ban on smartphones in the workplace for police and government workers in an effort to prevent information leaks, according to a document that was itself leaked,
10.03.2016 15:19 Military
Tens of thousands of documents containing the names, addresses, phone numbers and family contacts of jihadis who joined the Islamic State group have been given to the UK's Sky News.
13.10.2014 14:17 Industry, Infrastructure
The cost of Kashagan project is estimated to rise by another $4 billion, Financial Times reports.
13.06.2014 12:08 Politics
A poisonous gas leak at one of India's largest steel plants killed six people overnight and injured 31 others, a factory official said.
09.01.2014 19:22 Industry, Infrastructure
NCOC, the Kashagan field operator, has started discussing possible technological scenarios of safe oil production restart.
10.12.2013 01:11 Industry, Infrastructure
Sulphide stress corrosion is the direct cause of the gas leak at the Kashagan field in Kazakhstan.
06.12.2013 14:32 Industry, Infrastructure
Oil production at the Kashagan field in Kazakhstan is going to be restarted only in 2014, after full inspection of all the pipelines.
13.11.2013 18:07 Industry, Infrastructure
The Kazakhstan Ministry of Oil and Gas declined to make any statement until causes of accident and those responsible for it are identified.
13.11.2013 11:50 Industry, Infrastructure
Production from the Kashagan oilfield was not taken into consideration when the 2013 Kazakhstan state budget was made, so it will not affect the planned budget revenues.
04.11.2013 13:33 Politics
A senior White House aide and top US lawmakers on Sunday rejected intelligence leaker Edward Snowden's request for clemency following his disclosures of widespread government surveillance.
01.11.2013 15:21 Politics
Taiwan's chief prosecutor was indicted Friday for leaking confidential information to President Ma Ying-jeou about a controversial probe into influence peddling claims.
29.10.2013 20:22 Companies
Managing Director of Agip KCO Umberto Carrara is going to be replaced by Guido Brusco after November 1.
28.10.2013 10:00 Politics
Leaks from Edward Snowden have helped America's adversaries and represent the most serious breach of classified information in US history.
23.10.2013 16:12 Politics
Mexico ordered an investigation into allegations that the US spied on the emails of its president and his predecessor, the latest diplomatic wrangle stemming from America's intelligence-gathering efforts.
20.10.2013 10:55 Disasters
Groundwater radiation levels at Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant have soared near a tank that leaked 300 tonnes of toxic water in August.
19.10.2013 11:10 Politics
US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden says he did not bring any secret documents with him to Russia when he fled there, ensuring Moscow had no access to the files.
14.10.2013 14:36 Environment
There are currently around 1,400 leaking wells in the Caspian sea area; 128 of them are underwater: Atyrau Oblast Akim.
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