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Kazakhstan to produce fuel of international standard in 2016 17 ноября 2011, 14:12

Construction of a new deep conversion plant will start at the Atyrau Refinery shorty. Euro-4, Euro-5 petrol will be produced in the end of 2013.
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An oil refinery.  Photo courtesy of wordpress.com An oil refinery. Photo courtesy of wordpress.com
Kazakhstan will start producing fuel complying with the international standard in 2016,Tengrinews.kz reports referring to Sholpan Haidargaliyeva, Director of the Department of Petrochemistry and Technical Control of the Ministry of Oil and Gas of Kazakhstan. The representative of the Ministry spoke about modernization of the country's oil refineries on October 26. Having adopted the technical regulation of the Customs Union - Requirenments to motor and aviation gasoline, diesel and marine fuels, jet engine fuel and fuel oil - Kazakhstan needs to speed up modernization of its oil refineries. The regulation comes into force on December 31, 2012. “We were planning to spend over one billion on modernization. I won’t talk numbers, but the increase would reqiure huge funding – several hundred million (dollars),” Haidargaliyeva said speaking about the cost of the speed up of the plants’ modernization. According to her, construction of a new deep conversion plant will start at the Atyrau Refinery shortly. It is expected that the plant will produce top quality petrol – K4 and K5 (Euro-4, Euro-5 by European standards) in the end of 2013. The entire modernization of Atyrau Refinery is scheduled to be completed in 2015. Modernization of Pavlodar and Shymkent Refineries is still at the feasibility study stage. “All the calculations have been made, design and estimate documentation (DED) is on the way, parts are being evaluated by experts, overall DED is to be completed by the end of the year,” the representative of the Ministry of Oil and Gas reported. She noted that once DED is approved, a very strict work schedule will be in place and any delay for over 10 days will be reported to the head of the state. “We expect that by January 1, 2016, Kazakhstan will be consuming and producing motor and aviation petrol compliant with the international standards,” Sholpan Haidargaliyeva said. She says that starting from 1 January 2013 consumers will be entitled to inquire about the quality of petrol and its type (K3, K4, or K5) at any filling station.
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