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17.10.2015 17:03 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan is to construct its fourth oil refinery in cooperation with Iran and China.
02.10.2015 13:12 Markets
Oil production in Kazakhstan in 2014 stood at 73.7 million tons. The three Kazakhstan-based oil refineries produced a total of 3.02 million tons of petrol.
06.08.2015 18:59 Environment
Excess hydrogen sulfide emissions in Atyrau in western Kazakhstan cause headaches and suffocation among residents.
21.07.2015 19:03 Industry, Infrastructure
Deputy Akim of Kazakhstan's Mangistau Oblast declared that the fourth oil refinery in Kazakhstan would be built in cooperation with Iran.
12.03.2015 11:42 Industry, Infrastructure
The process of modernizing Kazakh oil refineries may have to be delayed, putting additional pressure on the domestic fuel market of Kazakhstan.
10.02.2015 10:42 Markets
According to him, oil refineries have been facing excessive gasoline in stock, with oil companies [in line with applicable legislation] still supplying a set volume to local refineries to be processed.
28.01.2015 14:05 Markets
As a rule, prices for gold grow amidst growing demand (…) the latter is normally driven by volatility of major currencies. Currently, the keen interest to gold is assigned to the weakening Euro. Gold is seen as a stable harbor: Minister for Investments.
26.01.2015 14:56 Companies
To my best knowledge, he hasn’t been buying or selling anything in the last three years”, the Minister told journalists on the sidelines of the sitting in the country’s Majilis (lower chamber).
25.12.2014 16:58 Politics
Back in the autumn 2014 the country’s Energy Ministry announced that a decision had been taken to build up the processing capabilities of the Shymkent-based oil refinery rather than have a 4th refinery constructed.
28.11.2014 19:01 Markets
Not to slow down the production rates at the start of next year and to keep all the indicators in line with plans, the overhaul has been postponed from this year’s autumn to the spring of 2015: South Kazakhstan oblast governor.
08.11.2014 15:21 Industry, Infrastructure
Additional money will be allocated to modernize the Shymkent Oil Refinery on southern Kazakhstan. This will help increase the production capacity of the refinery and make it more environmentally friendly.
07.11.2014 17:28 Industry, Infrastructure
KazMunaiGas Vice Chairman Tiyesov has spoken in the Mazhilis informing the deputies that Kazakhstan will face a decline in oil production should no new fields be discovered in the upcoming decade.
07.11.2014 17:18 Politics
The People's Communist Party has tagged the decision to abandon construction of the 4th oil refinery in Kazakhstan ill judged and said problems had to be solved by the government not shifted to the shoulders of the citizens.
01.10.2014 11:02 Markets
Back September 16 First Vice Energy Minister told a briefing that petrol production at the three Kazakhstan-based oil refineries in September is estimated at 250 000 tons, with the current monthly demand for petrol standing at 280 000 tons.
24.09.2014 01:21 Industry, Infrastructure
A sugar factory with a capacity of 100 thousand tons per season will be built in Almaty Oblast.
24.09.2014 00:21 Politics
A delegation from Tatarstan has visited Astana to discuss cooperation in various fields, including oil industry.
23.09.2014 20:35 Markets
Kazakhstan has only three oil refineries, which are not only few but also outdated.
21.07.2014 20:58 Emergencies
A fire occurred at an oil refinery in Aktobe Oblast on July 16.
04.03.2014 12:03 Markets
In the second half of 2016 the three oil refineries they will be able to fully meet the domestic demand: Sauat Mynbayev.
25.02.2014 18:00 Companies
Given the domestic prices for fuel the Russian supplies are set to decrease: Sauat Mynbayev.
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