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Kazakhstan nuclear power station to be built in Aktau 04 марта 2013, 19:16

Kazakhstan government has defined the location for construction of the first nuclear power station.
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Kazakhstan government has defined the location for construction of the first nuclear power station. It will be built in Aktau in western Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz reports. “Yes, indeed, the political decision has been made on construction of the power station in Kazakhstan. Most probably this first station will be built in Mangistau oblast, as there is still the personnel and infrastructure. The station will be built at the base of the well-proven reactors that will be switched from military use to peaceful atom,” Managing Director on Innovation Projects of KazAtomProm Valeriy Shevelev said at the briefing of the official representative of Kazakhstan President Central Communications Service. He stressed that the station would be most probably built in Aktau, the largest city of Mangistau oblast. “Of course, an international tender will be held, everything the way it should be. All the suggestions will be reviewed and, of course, there will be hearings and international expert tests and everything that is supposed to be part of such process,” Shevelev continued. Representative of KazAtomProm, Kazakhstan national nuclear company, also talked about safety of nuclear power stations: “The last-generation nuclear power stations have everything it takes to prevent accidents. They use melt-through frames, i.e. if there is an emergency, the frame melts through and the content goes down. Passive protection systems are also in place in the stations: strap-on tanks with huge amounts of water. If anything happens, the generation stops and water floods the reactor and it dies out, etc. I have to say that the reactors used in submarines and the accident of Kursk submarine have showed that anything can happen, and when the reactor just shuts down, it doesn’t cause any harm. All factors will be considered here. The decision on construction will be made after a broad discussion and experts check,” Shevelev said. In the beginning of 2013 President Nazarbayev instructed to define a place to accommodate a nuclear power plant in Kazakhstan. By Renat Tashkinbayev

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