30 октября 2012 22:35

Hurricane Sandy in United States


Hurricane Sandy drove a deadly tidal surge into coastal cities along the eastern US coast and pushed storm-force winds, torrential rain and heavy snow deep inland. Storm-driven waves crashed ashore and flooded seafront communities across a swathe of the eastern United States as Hurricane Sandy barreled towards land. Officials warned that the threat to life and property was "unprecedented" and ordered hundreds of thousands of residents in cities and towns from New England to North Carolina to evacuate their homes and seek shelter. Hurricane Sandy's winds picked up speed as the storm made a left turn toward the East Coast. The death toll from superstorm Sandy has risen to 16 in the mainland United States and Canada, and was expected to climb further as several people were still missing, officials said Tuesday. Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and North Carolina reported 15 dead from the massive storm system, and Toronto police said a Canadian woman was killed by flying debris.
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