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Samruk-Kazyna advised Kazakhstan citizens on People's IPO 12 июня 2012, 13:59

The meeting on implementation of the People’s IPO program was held in Almaty.
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Новостью поделились: человек

Photo by Danial Okassov© Photo by Danial Okassov©
The meeting on implementation of the People’s IPO program was held in Almaty. The speakers told about the actions the citizens have to make to take part in the program and buy the shares, Tengrinews.kz reports. Deputy chairman of Samruk-Kazyna National Welfare Fund Kuandyk Bishimbayev stated that Kazakhstan citizens will be the first group to be offered to buy the shares of the national companies. They will be followed by pension funds. Legal entities and foreign citizens will be able to buy the shares at the secondary market. “The investors will get their profits in two ways: the cost of the shares that one can sell or the dividends to be paid annually. All the Samruk-Kazyna companies generate profits and pay dividends annually. The program will be developed within 5 years. Three more national companies will offer their shares in 2013,” Bishimbayev said. He also noted that Kazakhstan citizens are more used to bank deposits, but the stock market has a potential of higher profits along with high risks. “The advantages of the shares are that you can earn much more, but this requires buying and holding them for a long period. This is what we are calling to. Do not consider buying the shares for a short period, for six months, for example. Those earning money on the stock market are the ones who treat their shares strategically and seriously and invest for long periods of time. Do not panic and rush to sell the shares in case of a fall. You need to wait,” Bishimbayev said. According to him, the procedure of buying securities is very simple. A person needs to select a broker and discuss the type and the quantity of the shares he or she wants to buy. The he or she needs to open a special account and buy the shares. The list of brokers is available on a special website halyk-ipo.kz. Chingiz Kanapyanov, deputy chairman of the Development Commission of Almaty Regional Financial Center of Kazakhstan National Bank noted that after buying a share, its owner get a vote and joins the other owners of the shares in being able to contribute into decision-making in the company. He suggested monitoring and searching out the information about the company one wants to buy in. He also stated that all profits from the shares in the stock market are tax-free. The expert advised against obtaining loans to buy the shares, as these are additional risks. It is better to always have several kinds of investments: deposits and securities. Earlier Tengrinews.kz English reported that Kaztransoil will be the first company to implement the People's IPO program. One share will cost up to 10 thousand tenge ($68) at the People’s IPO. By Vladimir Prokopenko

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