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19.11.2016 15:44 Markets
US and EU stocks drifted lower on Friday while euro struck a 12-month low against dollar on market expectations of US interest rate hike.
27.10.2016 11:18 Markets
The Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong sank 1.15 percent, or 268.81 points, to 23,056.62.
03.06.2016 15:22 Finance
Kazakhstanis who venture into financial markets are mostly males aged 30 to 40+ from Almaty wielding a capital of 100,000 to 5000,000 euro.
05.06.2014 10:02 Finance
Surging mining exports powered the Australian economy to better-than-expected 1.1 percent growth in the first quarter of the year, data showed Wednesday, but Treasurer Joe Hockey said he was also encouraged by a pick-up in other sectors.
15.03.2014 11:42 Internet
Weibo Corp., the Chinese microblogging service often compared with Twitter, filed Friday for a US stock offering seeking to raise $500 million.
14.02.2014 09:52 Markets
World oil markets are unexpectedly tight as growth in advanced economies picks up, the IEA warned on Thursday, urging OPEC to skip a seasonal output drop as stocks touch six-year lows.
01.01.2014 12:18 Markets
A cash shortage among banks made the Chinese stock market one of the world's worst performing this year, showing how tens of millions of small investors remain at the mercy of government policy.
30.12.2013 10:51 Companies
Twitter shares tumbled Friday after a brokerage analyst warned the popular messaging network was overvalued following a meteoric rise since its initial public offering in November.
28.12.2013 15:01 Markets
US stocks edged towards the finale of a banner 2013 in buoyant fashion this week, repeatedly reaching new records on a string of solid economic data.
20.12.2013 13:34 Markets
Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg will sell a chunk of his stake in the company, cashing in some $2.3 billion, as part of a new share offering by the huge social network.
07.12.2013 12:58 Markets
The US jobless rate fell sharply to 7.0 percent in November, a five-year low, raising the odds Friday that the Federal Reserve could soon cut its huge stimulus program.
04.12.2013 16:58 Finance
The decision on sale of Temirbank and Alliance Bank will be finalized by the end of the year.
10.11.2013 21:56 Finance
Twitter's high-flying Wall Street debut drew attention to the growing power of social media, but also raised concerns about a potential bubble in the sector.
13.07.2013 19:06 Finance
Boeing stocks plunged nearly 5 percent on Friday after a fire and a "technical issue" on separate 787 Dreamliners in Britain stoked fresh safety concerns about the new high-tech jetliner.
27.04.2013 11:15 Markets
Facebook co-founder and chief Mark Zuckerberg scored more than $2 billion worth of stock and $503,000 in base pay last year for running the world's leading social network.
22.01.2013 11:41 Finance
Oil and Gas Minister emphasized that the decision is to be taken by a special inter-agency committee that is carefully studying the issue at the moment.
13.09.2012 14:53 Markets
Stocks in Apple's Asian component suppliers were mixed Thursday after the launch of the iPhone 5, with analysts citing uncertainty over its impact in the hugely competitive smartphone market.
10.09.2012 15:44 Finance
The US Treasury Department announced Sunday that it has launched a public offering of $18 billion of its common stock in AIG, the giant insurer bailed out by the US government.
12.06.2012 13:59 Finance
The meeting on implementation of the People’s IPO program was held in Almaty.
12.06.2012 09:52 Markets
The centers are equipped with all the required information materials and will work round the clock from June to October 2012.
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