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Salaries in Kazakhstan still calculated along 1996 rates of remuneration 30 сентября 2013, 15:32

6 out of 16 regions of Kazakhstan have low standard of living. Increasing living standards without providing adequate remunerations is a joke: Brimbetova.
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Having entered the top 50 of the most competitive countries of the world, Kazakhstan has to review its labor payment policies to consolidate its positions in the foreign market and successfully implement its plans inside the country, the leading research fellow of the Economy Institute of the Kazakhstan Education and Science Ministry Nursaule Brimbetova told Megapolis. The salaries in Kazakhstan are calculated along the 1996 rates of remuneration. And the government should declare the labor payment policy outdated. According to the economist, excessively high incomes of some citizens and extremely low wages of the others “are hindering industrial development and undermining the political stability in the country”. “Inequality in the wages causes stratification of the society, affects people’s moods and sparks aggression. But we have the inequality everywhere: between the sectors of the economy, inside the sectors and between the country's regions,” Brimbetova said. According to the speaker, 6 out of 16 regions of Kazakhstan have low standard of living. Zhambyl oblast is one of them. “It is still calm there only because people are equally poor. People earn 30-40 thousand tenge ($200-270). Even most of the retired persons live better in our country. And we expect this agricultural region to feed us. This will not happen. There is no motivation,” the expert said. Speaking of the salaries that she believes acceptable, the expert said: “The new policies should increase the basic salaries several-fold. For example, an experienced employee of a scientific-research institute should make at least 300 thousand tenge ($2 thousand). Currently they earn not more than 70 thousand tenge ($470).” “Speaking of increasing the living standards of our people without providing adequate remunerations cannot be serious,” Brimbetova stated.

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