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01.06.2016 11:44 Environment
Developing countries spent more on renewable power than rich ones for the first time last year.
20.01.2016 17:53 Politics
The Governor of the National Bank of Kazakhstan Daniyar Akishev commented on the plan to de-dollarize the Kazakh economy.
05.10.2015 19:46 Finance
The National Bank of Kazakhstan has revised the base interest rate raising from 12 to 16 percent in order to curb inflation in Kazakhstan.
08.09.2015 20:25 Finance
National Fund for Development of Financial Services presented a seven-step plan for Kazakh government to implement amid tenge depreciation.
24.08.2015 19:37 Politics
Nazarbayev has elaborated on the reasons behind Kazakhstan's decision to send its tenge floating.
24.08.2015 15:52 Finance
Kazakh and foreign experts have commented on the recent decision of Kazakhstan to stop defending its tenge and send it floating.
21.08.2015 17:27 Politics
Kazakhstan tenge plunged to its record low after the country floated it, renouncing the set corridor and adopting inflation targeting.
15.02.2015 12:28 Finance
Governor of the National Bank of Kazakhstan Kairat Kelimbetov speaks about the state of the financial market in Kazakhstan and what the government will do about it.
29.12.2014 12:23 Politics
Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev has summarized the first five years of Kazakhstan's industrialisation program.
18.12.2014 11:51 Politics
Prominent Kazakh political scientist Dosym Satpayev speaks of the interests the United States has in Central Asia.
11.11.2014 22:33 Politics
Presidet of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has unexpectedly presented his State of the Nation Address for the year 2015. Global economic and geopolitical challenges as well as internal interethnic unity are the key elements of the address. New Economic Policy 'Nurly Zhol' was announced to help the country overcome difficulties in the next five years.
08.11.2014 18:01 Finance
Kazakhstan's debt on government securities has grown by $2.5 billion in just one day.
07.11.2014 17:18 Politics
The People's Communist Party has tagged the decision to abandon construction of the 4th oil refinery in Kazakhstan ill judged and said problems had to be solved by the government not shifted to the shoulders of the citizens.
25.10.2014 22:07 Finance
Two government euroissues add to Kazakhstan's external debt. The move comes as a response to budget deficit.
30.09.2014 13:08 Companies
The International Monetary Fund urged Zimbabwe to clarify its controversial policies that bar foreign companies from holding stakes in local enterprises.
10.09.2014 16:59 Politics
Kazakhstan's National Bank has enlarged the Tenge to US Dollar pegged corridor from 6 tenge to 18 tenge.
28.04.2014 01:15 Politics
Senate Speaker Kassym-Jomart Tokayev meet Morocco delagation to discuss prospects of cooperation between Kazakhstan and Morocco.
23.01.2014 10:18 Laws, Initiatives
Australia has damaged its human rights record by persistently undercutting refugee protections, including a "draconian" policy to send asylum-seekers to Pacific island camps.
17.11.2013 17:24 Laws, Initiatives
China's Communist Party leaders this week emerged from a closed-door meeting in Beijing bearing a raft of promises on issues from the controversial one-child policy to the scope of the death penalty.
12.10.2013 10:02 Politics
A US government commission said Thursday that China's human rights record has not improved under the country's new leadership and raised concerns on issues from minority rights to forced abortion.
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