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Medvedev called to create a special SCO account 16 июня 2011, 12:25

Dmitry Medvedev suggested to create a special SCO account to support major projects of the Organization.
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President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. ©RIA Novosti President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. ©RIA Novosti
Dmitry Medvedev suggested to create a special SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) account at the anniversary SCO summit on June 15, 2011, Tengrinews.kz reports. “The money from this account could be used for technical-economic support of major projects. Inter-bank associations and the SCO Business Council could take part in implementation of these projects together with business communities of all the SCO member-countries,” Russia's President said. “The SCO has always been, and still is, the organization open for interaction. This is not an elite club, but an organization that is ready to interact with different countries. I am sure that adoption of a memorandum on obligations of countries applying to obtain the status of the SCO member-state will be a serious step for the SCO's development,” Dmitry Medvedev said. The Russian President called epidemic security another important issue. Medvedev, whose country banned import of vegetables from the EU, said: “Cooperation in public health, including provision of sanitary-epidemiological security, is an important issue. Recent events in Europe have demonstrated the necessity of cooperation in prevention of spread of epidemics.” Earlier Russia's President spoke highly of Kazakhstan's chairmanship in the SCO. By Assel Satayeva
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