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Consumer loans in Kazakhstan reach 2.3 trillion Tenge 14 апреля 2014, 09:35

Consumer credit for an average wage worker in Kazakhstan does not exceed a four months' salary, Tengrinews reports citing Ranking.kz.
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Consumer loan per salaried worker in Kazakhstan does not exceed an average four months' salary, Tengrinews reports citing Ranking.kz. In February 2014 the average salaried workers loan made 385,000 tenge ($2100), that is, 3.7 times the average monthly salary.

In 8 out of 16 regions of Kazakhstan consumer loan per wage worker does not exceed the average three monthly salary. In 12 regions out of 16 the monthly expenditure for payments on the consumer credit is under 20 percent of the average salary (roughly based on a two-year loan with an interest rate of 25 percent per annum and repayments in equal monthly installments). This places the consumer loans well inside the comfort zone where payments on the loans should not be over 25% of the income.

In February 2014 the amount of loans increased by 3.6 percent to 79 bln tenge ($430mln). The main pressure on the market was exerted by Almaty, where the volume of consumer loans  increased by 7 percent or 61.2 bln tenge ($340mln) in one month. The city accounts for 39 percent of all the consumer loans issued by Kazakhstani banks. Consumer loans now amount to 2.3 trln tenge (12.65bln). 

In the capital of Kazakhstan Astana there is a growing demand for loans as well. The volume of consumer loans grew by about 2 percent or 3.4 bln tenge ($18.68mln) that month. The total volume of consumer loans in Astana is at 170.8 bln Tenge ($1bln). In average, consumer debt per each wage worker in the capital equals to 446,000 Tenge ($2450), which is about three average monthly salaries.

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