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17.10.2015 15:58 Companies
Former Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer disclosed that he has taken a four percent stake in Twitter, expressing confidence in the messaging platform's new management team.
17.10.2015 14:38 Finance
Greece's parliament narrowly adopted further reforms demanded by the country's international creditors in return for further bailout funds.
11.08.2015 14:03 Finance
Greece has reached a deal on a multi-billion bailout with its international creditors after marathon talks.
27.07.2015 19:07 Finance
Chairman of the Board of of Kazkommertsbank said that issuing and obtaining loans in dollars in Kazakhstan was dangerous.
21.03.2015 17:00 Finance
Kazakhstanis are now increasingly relying on services of microfinance organisations due to the shortage of tenge in banks.
10.02.2015 14:52 Politics
Greece's radical new government was fine-turning details of a controversial reform deal it hopes to seal with sceptical EU creditors at critical talks.
04.02.2015 20:37 Finance
Experts talk about the deficit of tenge experienced by commercial banks in Kazakhstan.
07.09.2014 12:26 Finance
There are several financial constraints for achieving development of Kazakhstan's agriculture, experts say. Alleviating these is necessary to boost the industry and make Kazakhstan-made products competitive internationally.
29.04.2014 16:55 Finance
Chairman of Damu Fund Lyazzat Ibragimova said that banks would face penalties in case they misuse the National Fund's resources.
14.04.2014 09:35 Finance
Consumer credit for an average wage worker in Kazakhstan does not exceed a four months' salary, Tengrinews reports citing
16.01.2014 18:00 Finance
China and Russia will provide 400 million dollars for construction of Ekibastuz GRES-2 Power Plant in Kazakhstan.
28.05.2013 16:34 Finance
Japan kept its position as the world's largest creditor nation for the 22nd straight year in 2012, government data showed Tuesday, as the dollar's gains helped inflate the value of overseas assets.
22.05.2013 15:33 Markets
Venezuela's National Assembly on Tuesday approved a $79 million credit to import toilet paper and other personal hygiene products to relieve shortages in the petroleum-rich state.
03.10.2012 12:33 Markets
Global credit agency Standard & Poor's said Tuesday that it saw little improvement in iron ore prices in the near-term and warned that smaller single-commodity miners could see their ratings slip.
01.09.2012 10:30 Finance
Moody's said Thursday that it would hold its review of Spain's credit rating until late September as it waits for more clarity on the European Stability Mechanism and moves for a eurozone banking union.
14.07.2012 14:35 Finance
Credit card giants Visa and MasterCard agreed Friday to pay more than $6 billion to millions of merchants which had sued them for allegedly fixing card-use fees.
12.06.2012 13:20 Finance
Moody’s International rating agency assigned Astana a positive issuer rating of Baa3 with stable outlook.
25.01.2012 16:42 Crime
Trial over Kazakhstan citizens accused of credut card fraud will start in the U.S.
30.12.2011 14:01 Finance
Moody’s will upgrade the credit rating of Kazakhstan if it improves diversification of the economy and enhance its banking regulation.