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01.09.2016 13:35 Companies
Kickstarter made its Asia debut in Singapore and Hong Kong, giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to raise funding from global investors.
01.09.2016 13:27 Finance
A European lobby group in China on Thursday slammed the country's unequal investment landscape.
19.04.2016 14:23 Finance
Argentina returned to international financial markets , receiving offers for its sovereign bonds ahead of its first debt sale in 15 years.
27.11.2015 13:59 Finance
American billionaire Jim Rogers is thinking about investing in Kazakhstan, a country he visited in October.
08.09.2015 15:38 Finance
Chairman of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan Bolat Zhamishev about devaluation of the Kazakh tenge and outlook of Kazakhstan's economy.
24.08.2015 19:58 Politics
Rakhim Oshakbayev has been appointed Vice Minister of Investments and Development of Kazakhstan.
09.06.2015 15:22 Politics
Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev is concerned about Kazakhstan’s agricultural sector.
05.06.2015 02:00 Markets
Chairman of Kazakhstan Council of Foreign Investors Ulf Wokurka offers recommendations to the Kazakhstan Government on visa regime, taxes, decriminalisation of tax and economic offences, education and attraction of investments.
30.05.2015 21:56 Politics
Kazakhstan’s businessmen have been invited to do business in Croatia.
09.05.2015 18:17 Finance
A famous American investor and businessman Jim Rogers advised to invest in the emerging markets like Iran, Kazakhstan, North Korea and a number of African countries.
07.04.2015 08:47 Laws, Initiatives
Almaty could be getting its very own legislation for business and investments.
28.10.2014 18:54 Politics
A direct flight between Kazakhstan and Japan may be launched to facilitate the development of bilateral ties.
06.09.2014 13:14 Companies
Russian gold mining company Polymetal plans to invest up to $640 million into Kazakhstani gold mine Kyzyl.
12.07.2014 16:25 Markets
Gold prices zoomed this week to a four-month peak as investors sought shelter from weak eurozone data and fears of contagion from a bank's problems in Portugal, dealers said.
09.07.2014 17:46 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstani Ministry of Industry and New Technologies proposed an alternative to free holiday packages.
03.07.2014 19:03 Science, Technologies
A French firm will create a 3D map of Astana worth €3 million.
02.07.2014 16:49 Industry, Infrastructure
Construction of the Kaskasu ski resort will be completed in 2019.
22.06.2014 12:07 Politics
Kazakhstan has signed an agreement with South Korea on geological exploration of Dyusenbai section in Karaganda Oblas.
20.06.2014 12:59 Industry, Infrastructure
Development of Aulie gold deposit has started in Yessil District of North Kazakhstan Oblast.
17.06.2014 23:58 Companies
Russian businessman Roman Abramovich has invested $10 million into an Israeli start-up StoreDot, a bio-organic materials based electronics developer.
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